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The Swiss Army announced the ban on instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp-Social-IM Instant Messaging

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Out of data protection considerations, the Swiss army has decided to ban the use of the world‘s most famous messaging application, instead telling staff to use locally developed alternatives.More specifically, the new regulations took effect in December, and a report by RT showed that everyone in the military must stop using WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram.


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The reason is simple: State officials worry that some conversations may be obtained without authorization by others.

According to the aforementioned sources, the soldiers are now told to install Threema, a mobile messaging software developed by a Swiss company.

The Swiss Army explained that, unlike foreign applications, Threema is subject to Swiss regulations, so no other agency can request access to the dialogue.

Take WhatsApp and Signal as examples. Both applications comply with the US CLOUD Act, which means that the US government can obtain certain data, even if the data is not stored on a server in the US.

Therefore, the Swiss government tries to ensure that no one reads the military’s conversations on the information platform. Now, it enforces the use of domestic solutions so that any potential data sharing is strictly controlled.

WhatsApp is the world‘s largest mobile messaging application, but this Facebook-owned platform has been involved in some controversial disputes. Last year, a privacy policy update pushed millions of users to alternative solutions, including Signal and Telegram.

On the other hand, Telegram tries to attract users by strengthening privacy controls. Secret chat and other functions allow users to automatically delete the messages they send in the conversation after a certain period of time. Telegram guarantees that these chat records will not be stored anyway.


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