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The Taliban’s promise is a lie. A woman was shot dead in the street (photo) | Taliban | | | Promise | Women | Afghanistan | Overseas Information

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The Taliban on the streets of Afghanistan (Image source: AFP via Getty Images)

[LookatthenewsfromChinaonAugust192021]AfghanistanMilitiaTalibanAfter seizing power, before establishing a formal governmentpromiseIt will change the high-handed rule of the past and respect women. However, it was reported yesterday that a woman was shot dead in the street because she did not wear a Burqa, lying in a pool of blood, and her family members surrounded her helplessly and compassionately.

According to the New York Post, after the Taliban in Afghanistan took over the capital, Kabul, the streets changed rapidly. Many pictures with female heads were erased, and advertisements with female images were removed. Since Taliban soldiers replaced the Afghan security forces in patrolling the city, almost all men have gone out and women have been walking around.

In Takhar, Afghanistan, a woman walking down the street with her family was shot to the ground by Taliban fighters because she was not wearing a burqa. Soon she was bloodied and unconscious, leaving her family to kneel down. The bloody and brutal scene made people palpitate without responding to thousands of calls. This makes people can’t help thinking that the Taliban just publicly inherited the outside world, will not exercise high pressure, will respect women, that is just a high-sounding lie.

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The owner of a clothing store in the center of the capital Kabul revealed that the sales of burqa have soared recently, and male customers are worried about the safety of their wives and daughters at home and have come to buy women’s burqa. Nilan, a 27-year-old resident, said that she did not see a woman in the 15-minute drive through the city. She exclaimed: “Everything has changed. We don’t know what the future will be, and we don’t know if we can still go out to work. It seems that everything is over in panic.”

In Afghanistan, the status of women has improved in the past 20 years, especially in urban areas, where many women go out to work and do not have to wear a burqa. But after the Taliban regained power, women and girls will be restrained by strict doctrines. According to Islamic law, women are not allowed to go to school, go to work, and are not allowed to step out of the house without a man. They must wear a burqa when going out. Even their eyes are covered and they can only pass through their faces. The mesh structure to watch the outside world.

Although the Taliban publicly emphasized that they would change the past repressive rule and respect women’s rights, many people pointed out that the Taliban said one thing and did another thing. Some Afghan women who fled accused that before the Taliban captured the capital Kabul, they asked local families to publish a list of women in the family in the occupied area in an attempt to marry underage girls. Many families with daughters were forced to flee as a whole. In order to escape the Taliban’s abduction of their daughters, many families married their daughters to their trusted relatives or friends in advance.

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