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The terrible stink in Cape Town, and the ship that caused it

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The terrible stink in Cape Town, and the ship that caused it

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On Monday, several parts of Cape Town, South Africa, smelled a very strong odor that locals described as “putrid” and “unimaginable.” The health inspectors tasked with understanding where it came from initially checked the city sewerage system, given that in the past it had happened that intense rains or a pump failure caused a smelly backflow of the sewerage, but without finding anything anomalous. In the end it was discovered that the origin of the smell was a ship docked at the city’s port, the Al Kuwait, which was transporting 19 thousand cows in extremely problematic hygienic conditions.

The Al Kuwait is a 190 meter long ship belonging to Al Mawashi, a Kuwaiti company specialized in the transport of live animals. She had left Brazil two and a half weeks before arriving in South Africa, where she had stopped to stock up on feed and which she left on Tuesday for her final destination, Iraq.

After it was identified as the point of origin of the odor in the city, Al Kuwait was visited by staff from the National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA), a South African animal rights group, which noted the terrible conditions in which the cows on board were found. In a communicated, the association said that animal “faeces and urine” had accumulated in the crowded enclosures of the ship, the cause of the stench felt in the city. The animals were immersed in it up to their hooves, and to sleep they could only lie down in their own excrement.

The NSPCA also said it had found and treated several injured animals, and had to put down eight of them. Several other animals had already died, but the association did not specify their number.

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The incident prompted the NPSCA to call on the government for tougher rules on the export of live animals into the country, which it called “a cruel and outdated practice that inflicts avoidable suffering” on animals. Some laws already exist, but they concern livestock exported directly from South Africa, not those passing through. Ships transporting live animals are often poorly ventilated and do not have an on-board veterinarian, and the animals risk injuring themselves or trampling each other in rough seas.

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