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The TIM Board of Directors continues to renew the Board in view of the Assembly

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The TIM Board of Directors continues to renew the Board in view of the Assembly

The Board of Directors of Telecom Italia (TIM) continued its activities in the preparation for the presentation of a majority list aimed at the renewal of the Board.

This process is planned in anticipation of the General Assembly of Members, which will have the task of approving the budget for the year 2023.

Yesterday’s meeting, chaired by Salvatore Rossi, followed the course of action outlined previously. As indicated in the procedure adopted on 18 January and made available on the company’s official website (www.gruppotim.it), the Board of Directors gave the green light to the “long list” of candidates presented by the President.

The next step will be the further evaluation of the applications for the role of President. President Salvatore Rossi will propose further names at the next meeting, which will be dedicated to examining the “short list”. This process is fundamental for the formation of a new board of directors that will guide TIM in the coming years.

The company, aware of the importance of this process, is taking all necessary measures to ensure that the new Board reflects the skills and experience necessary to meet the challenges of the telecommunications sector and lead the company into the future.

The presentation of the majority list and the consequent renewal of the Board represent key moments in TIM’s governance. Transparency in the decision-making process and the choice of qualified figures are elements that are of particular importance for the company, its shareholders and the market in general.

TIM is therefore preparing for a new chapter in its corporate history, with the clear objective of maintaining and strengthening its position in the telecommunications sector in Italy and beyond. The date of the General Shareholders’ Meeting will be announced later, and the company continues to work with determination towards its strategic renewal.

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