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the trouble – How readers coped with the Facebook crisis

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the trouble – How readers coped with the Facebook crisis

Dagbladet understood that domestic peace in the thousands of homes was threatened. People just couldn’t get onto FacebookInstagram or Messenger.

What do you actually do then?

Quickly and resolutely, a wise editorial choice was made to collect the people’s voice.

Our reader from Hønefoss writes to us that he initially thought he had been hacked, but the photo he attached (at the top of the case) reveals that he primarily felt like kicking a bit in the direction of Dagbladet.

On no less than five screens, he had inflated the newspaper’s reputation:

“The people speak – Talk to us! – Totally panicked”

THREATS: The online community Anonymous published a video on Facebook on Saturday 26 February, where they threaten Russian President Vladimir Putin with what they call a “cyber war”. Reporter: Bjørge Dahle Johansen. Video: Anonymous Show more

– Fantastic

Our reader in Nordland thinks Facebook’s downtime is “fantastic”.

“It’s gotten so bad that people get depressed by not using Instagram or Facebook. I think absolutely everyone benefits from a long break from social media”, he writes and encourages everyone to log off and live.

A female reader who has been an avid Facebook user for 16 years writes to us that it is frightening how much that “book” means. And she needs it.

“Yes! I want to share pictures and thoughts with friends. And when you live so far away from all your friends, it’s a great way to keep in touch.”

Postman Charlie Flaherty from Bolton in England was caught on surveillance camera in a garden. Then it took off. Video: Facebook/Ally Jo/Connor, Bård Sørø Olsen/Dagbladet TV-sporten Show more

– Have a great time!

From 5.30 p.m., more and more people began to access their social media again, and reactions also poured in to Dagbladet on Facebook.

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With access back, several of the readers were in the humorous corner, at their own expense.

“Talk to a lady for a bit. It turned out to be my wife. Pleasant Berte!”, writes one reader.

“I chatted with the family, they seemed like nice people,” writes another.

Or as a third reader writes:

“Therefore! I had to talk to the people I live with. Fortunately, it is over now.”

Others took Facebook’s downtime with stoic composure:

“Enjoying myself in my pool with Queen at max and a non-alcoholic umbrella drink. Manageable.”

And someone knew advice:

“Was really fine – wrote some good old sms.”

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