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The truce between Israel and Hamas has ended. This is what could happen next

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The truce between Israel and Hamas has ended.  This is what could happen next

CNN reports that the seven-day truce between Israel and Hamas has ended after negotiations stalled and Israel accused Hamas of violating the agreement by firing on Israel. The nearly eight-week war that preceded the ceasefire resulted in widespread destruction and a death toll of over 14,800 people in Gaza, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

The United States has warned Israel that the devastation from the previous round of fighting must not be repeated in the next phase. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Israel will continue to fight until Hamas is crushed.

Negotiations with Qatari and Egyptian mediators over the release of hostages held by Hamas are ongoing, with more than 100 hostages still in Hamas hands. The international community is pressuring Israel to protect civilians in the next phase of fighting, emphasizing the need to avoid large civilian casualties.

The IDF has recently dropped leaflets in southern Gaza, calling it a “combat zone” and urging residents to evacuate. It remains uncertain if civilians who fled to the south will be able to return, as up to half of the homes in northern Gaza have been destroyed.

Analysts suggest that the fighting may intensify in the next phase, particularly in densely populated areas in southern Gaza. Israel’s military tactics and decision-making will be closely watched as it navigates the delicate balance of protecting civilians while targeting Hamas militants.

The debate over civilian casualties and the potential ground offensive in southern Gaza continues as the situation evolves. Amidror expressed concerns that Hamas uses civilians as “human shields,” complicating the military operation.

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The next steps in the conflict between Israel and Hamas remain uncertain, with the possibility of more intense fighting looming. The international community is closely monitoring the situation, urging both parties to prioritize the protection of civilians.

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