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The truth behind the number one series on Netflix that will leave you speechless

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The truth behind the number one series on Netflix that will leave you speechless

From the creators of ‘The End of The F***ing World‘ comes this story based on true events. The ‘Baby Reindeer’ series is now available. (Credit: Netflix)

Baby Reindeer (Baby Reindeer) is one of the most impressive series that premiered on Netflix. Not only because of the true story of what happened to Richard Gadd (who in turn is the central actor in the story and that of his own screenwriter) but because of the twists and turns it has in the six chapters. And a terrifying question remains floating in the air: is it possible that some aspect of our personality attracts harassing people? These challenges and many others, such as abuse, the need to be recognized by others and harassment itself, are the keys to understanding this psychological framework that Baby Reindeer poses.

In an exciting turn of narrative events, Richard Gadd has brought his personal experience of bullying to the screen with the hit Netflix miniseries, Reindeer Baby. The play, which began as a monologue on the London stage before being adapted for television, explores the dynamics of relentless harassment through the lens of Gadd, who suffered firsthand the siege of an obsessive admirer. As he revealed in an interview with The Guardian, this situation was a true nightmare that lasted two years, highlighting the complexity and danger that harassment can assume in modern times.

“Baby reindeer”, the Netflix series that turns bullying into a global conversation. (Credit: Netflix)

Reindeer Baby has not only dominated the popularity charts on the platform, but has also sparked critical dialogues about bullying, mental health, and the outsized influence of technology on interpersonal relationships. Gadd, who initially captured his ordeal on stage, has received praise for his bravery in sharing such a personal story and for the sensitivity with which he handles the issue of harassment.

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The series unflinchingly addresses the persecution suffered by Gadd after an innocent gesture of kindness towards a woman in a pub, an incident that triggered systematic and deranged harassment. According to The Guardian, Gadd’s stalker, renamed Martha in the series, sent him more than 41,000 emails, 350 hours of voice messages and numerous letters, among other methods of harassment that profoundly altered the actor and screenwriter’s life.

The harassment goes from harmless gestures to absolute terror, as “Baby Reindeer” shows. (Credit: Netflix)

“I was getting scolded for harassing the police for being harassed,” Gadd expressed of the irony and frustration of seeking help from a system that seemed more willing to question him than defend him. This experience highlights the challenge for victims of harassment to be taken seriously and the need for systemic reforms that ensure their protection and well-being.

The narrative of Reindeer Baby also highlights how the bullying extended to Gadd’s loved ones, including his parents and his then-partner, revealing the destabilizing capacity that bullying has not only for the direct victim but also for those around him. nearby. “I could almost cut a line, with a knife and fork, through my anxiety,” she recalled, highlighting the intense emotional impact of bullying on her life.

The challenge of portraying bullying without falling into simple narratives of victimization, according to Gadd. (Credit: Netflix)

On the more human and complicated side of this story, Gadd expresses her empathy toward her harasser, underscoring the need to understand harassment as a reflection of deeper mental health issues. “It would be unfair to say that she was a horrible person and I was a victim,” he said, drawing the delicate line between condemning bullying and understanding the human complexity behind these acts. The cast is completed by Jessica Gunning as the stalker Martha, Nava Mau as Teri, the protagonist’s girlfriend, among others.

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The Reindeer Baby series and Richard Gadd’s story force us to confront uncomfortable realities about bullying, but also provide an opportunity for reflection and change. In Gadd’s own words, sharing his story was both a personal need and a desire to raise public awareness about a topic that is often discussed in silence. Be sure to watch this fiction that you find in the Netflix catalog.

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