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The U.S. Navy tests unmanned reconnaissance sailboats for ocean navigation and low prices

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Original Title: U.S. Media: The U.S. Navy Tests Unmanned Reconnaissance Sailing Ship for Ocean Sailing and Low Price

Reference News Network reported on December 17 According to the US “Defense News” weekly website reported on December 14, as the US Navy continues to study how to integrate drones into the future fleet, the US Navy’s “Central Command” has begun to confront a kind of innocence. The man sailing vessel launches operational tests.

According to the report, according to information released by the U.S. Navy, this type of “unmanned sailing probe” equipped with sensors is being tested in the Gulf of Aqaba near the coast of Jordan. They can provide the U.S. Navy with a relatively low-cost way to expand its sight. Scope.

According to the report, this unmanned sailboat is 23 feet long (1 foot is about 0.3 meters-this net note), 16 feet high, and driven by wind energy.

The US Navy’s “Central Command” stated that it is also equipped with a solar sensor module.

The report pointed out that this vehicle was built by an unmanned sailing company located in California.

The report also pointed out that the company said that other surface unmanned vehicles it manufactured had performed data collection tasks for up to a year. sky.

The Navy hopes that the machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of this unmanned sailboat can provide an economical “zero-carbon tool” for the fleet, allowing the fleet to look beyond the horizon.

According to reports, the US Coast Guard has been testing unmanned sailboats near Hawaii since the fall of 2020.

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The unmanned sailing company said that such vehicles are developed for long-term missions at sea and are equipped with cameras, automatic identification receivers, and radar or infrared cameras to achieve night activities.

The report also stated that the software on the aircraft can identify valuable targets and report the targets to end users.

The “Unmanned Sailboat Detector” unmanned sailboat under trial sailing. (U.S. Navy official website)


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