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The Undertaker opens Cristiano Ronaldo’s match in Saudi Arabia: the show is grim

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The Undertaker opens Cristiano Ronaldo’s match in Saudi Arabia: the show is grim

In Saudi Arabia they no longer know what to invent to further raise the bar of entertainment during football matches. A clear example is what happened during the match valid for the friendly tournament Riyadh Season Cup 2024 between the’Al Nassr on Cristiano Ronaldo and the Al Hilal. Opening the match was a wrestling legend like The Undertaker.

When the teams entered the field and positioned themselves in the center for the usual greeting procedure, with the exchange of pennants, here was the twist. The unmistakable music played over the stadium speakers which accompanied the entrance and arrival in the ring of the famous former wrestler.

Mark William Calaway with his classic gait and his unmistakable look complete with black coat and hat leaving his eyes in dim light made his entrance. Gloomy atmosphere throughout the facility with the passage of The Undertaker accompanied by torches that were lit behind him. So, slowly the one who was the longest-serving athlete in the WWE, approached a perch.

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Here under a black cloth, here is the cup from the friendly tournament. The Undertaker, with a particular ceremony, took out the trophy which then ended up on the showcase. A very evocative but dark show, which struck everyone present and even the players themselves who were not used to such scenes. Cristiano Ronaldo who witnessed everything with the captain’s armband on his arm after attending The Undertaker’s show he let out a laugh, sharing his amazement with his companions.

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Unfortunately, however, things didn’t go very well for CR7 and Al Nassr who were beaten 2-0 by Al-Hilal. The “funeral” of The Undertaker was certainly not a good omen for the Portuguese and his team.

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