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The United States will deliver food aid by air to Gaza, Joe Biden announces

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The United States will deliver food aid by air to Gaza, Joe Biden announces

US to Deliver Food Aid to Gaza by Air Amid Humanitarian Crisis

(CNN) — President Joe Biden announced on Friday that the United States will begin delivering food aid by air to people in Gaza, as the humanitarian crisis deepens in the war-torn enclave. This decision comes as Israel resists opening additional land crossings to allow more assistance to enter Gaza.

Speaking from the Oval Office, Biden emphasized the urgent need for additional aid in Gaza, stating that the current aid flow is “nowhere near enough.” He called for Israel to provide more trucks and routes to ensure that more people receive the necessary assistance without any delays.

The US Army is working to deliver aid by air in the coming days, with the goal of providing much-needed relief to those in Gaza. However, delivering aid by air is only a temporary solution, as each unit launched will only provide a fraction of the assistance that can be transported by truck.

The announcement of the food assistance from Washington comes in the wake of a tragic incident where more than 100 people died after Israeli troops opened fire on civilians waiting for a food convoy. Witnesses reported that aid trucks attempted to escape the area amid the gunfire but inadvertently caused more deaths and injuries.

Biden’s decision highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the Israeli Government in allowing critically needed aid to enter Gaza. Calls for opening more land crossings have so far been unsuccessful, with the number of trucks entering the enclave significantly decreasing in recent weeks.

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The US administration is facing internal criticism for its handling of the conflict, as the President’s decision comes during an election year. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby emphasized that delivering aid by air is a complement to land transportation, not a replacement.

Efforts are also underway to explore the possibility of establishing a maritime corridor to bring aid to Gaza, although logistical challenges remain to be addressed. Senior US officials have been in talks with Israeli authorities to ensure the safety of aid workers and enhance the flow of humanitarian assistance.

USAID Administrator Samantha Power stressed the need to protect aid workers in Gaza, who are risking their lives to bring relief to those in need. Power also announced additional humanitarian aid during her recent visits to the region.

As Gaza continues to face a dire humanitarian crisis, international efforts are being made to provide essential assistance to the people in need. The delivery of food aid by air is a step towards alleviating the suffering in Gaza, but a comprehensive solution to the crisis remains a top priority for the US and its allies.

Contributed by Oren Liebermann and Samantha Waldenberg, CNN.

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