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The United States will relax travel restrictions in November, the European Union welcomes

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The U.S. government announced on Monday that it will relax travel restrictions for foreign travelers in November, and travelers who are fully vaccinated against the new crown COVID-19 and undergo testing and contact tracing will be allowed to enter the U.S. by plane. The EU welcomed it, saying “this is a long-awaited step.

According to Agence France-Presse, White House epidemic prevention coordinator Jeff Zients told the media that this new measure will take effect in early November. Foreign citizens coming to the United States by plane will be required to receive a full COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) vaccine.

Qinz pointed out that this new policy will still require all foreign passengers entering the United States to present a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination before boarding, and a negative certificate of virus testing within 3 days before the flight.

The travel restrictions imposed by the United States on foreign tourists were issued 18 months ago, when a pandemic broke out in the United States, and then President Trump announced these restrictions.

The United States announced that it would relax restrictions on the entry of foreign travelers who have been vaccinated against the new crown. The European Union welcomed it and said it was a long-awaited step. However, outsiders believed that the United States chose to announce the announcement after the Australian submarine contract triggered diplomatic friction with France. The timing triggered Lenovo.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton met with U.S. White House Epidemic Prevention Coordinator Qianzai in Washington on Monday. After the meeting, he posted on social media that he welcomed the cancellation of the U.S. full vaccination against COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019). Entry ban on travel of EU citizens for vaccines. Breton also said that the new policy applies to all people who are fully vaccinated with vaccines recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration, including Pfizer, Modena and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

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According to Agence France-Presse, as for the excluded AstraZeneca vaccines, Breton said that the US government is studying the removal of entry restrictions for European AstraZeneca vaccinators.

The European Commission welcomed the U.S. lifting of travel restrictions on EU travelers that were fully vaccinated, saying “this is a long-awaited step and good news for companies.”

The European Union has hoped that the United States will lift restrictions on passengers from the European Union for some time, but the United States has been cautious about the spread of the variant virus, which has caused dissatisfaction with the European Union. Some analysts pointed out that although the abolition of the restrictions is long-awaited good news for Europe, France and the United States have caused serious diplomatic frictions due to the Australian submarine contract dispute, and the overall relationship between the European Union and the United States has also been affected to a certain extent. The general debate of the United Nations General Assembly this week has been held in New York since September 21. The outside world is concerned about whether France and the European Union will take the opportunity to make strong talks. European public opinion believes that the United States has announced the possibility of repairing relations at this time.


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