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The US and Europe are coordinating with global suppliers to prevent Russia from cutting off natural gas | US | Europe | Russia

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[Epoch Times, January 26, 2022]U.S. and European officials are coordinating with global gas suppliers to mitigate the impact on energy supplies if Russia invades Ukraine.

According to the Associated Press, two senior U.S. government officials briefed reporters separately on Tuesday (January 25) on the efforts of the Biden administration’s national security team as they work to deal with any possible sanctions against Russia. chain reaction. Both officials, however, declined to be named.

The United States and its European allies have pledged to impose economic and political sanctions on Russia if it invades Ukraine. But they worry that such sanctions will also have an impact on Europeans, including the possibility that Russia could cut off gas supplies to Europe.

If needed, Europe will seek gas supplies from North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. One of the U.S. government officials cited above told The Associated Press that the effort would require “smaller quantities from multiple sources” to make up for the cutoff from Russia.

Industrial Energy Consumers of America seems willing to consider helping. This is an organization that represents large industrial energy users and manufacturers against U.S. natural gas exports.

The group asked U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to restrict U.S. LNG exports. They argue that a surge in U.S. exports has helped push up natural gas prices.

The group’s president, Paul Cicio, told reporters on Tuesday that his group had yet to take a position on how the United States should respond to tensions between Russia and Europe over natural gas.

“My personal view is that if Europe needs gas, the US should be there to supply our allies,” Cisio said, noting that China is the largest recipient of US gas exports.

“Do we have the ability to supply our allies? Absolutely,” Cisio said. “But maybe we don’t have the ability to ship to China. So we need to be sensitive to political crises. It’s a very serious thing.”

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