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These are the 3 famous actors who have played opposite Han Soo Hee, which one suits you?

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These are the 3 famous actors who have played opposite Han Soo Hee, which one suits you?

SEOUL (RIAUPOS.CO) – Lee So-hee or commonly called Han So-hee is known as a talented actress and model in the South Korean industry.

Apart from her cool acting, Han So-hee’s visuals make many viewers amazed by her beauty. So it’s not surprising that many Korean film industries have made Han So-hee an actress and model for the industry.

Here are 3 famous actors who have played opposite Han So-hee

1.Song Kang (Nevertheless)
This drama tells the story of a pair of students who are in a love dilemma. Song Kang (Park Jae Eon) is shown as a handsome and handsome young man playboy on campus. In contrast to Han So-hee (Yoo Na Bi), a plain and indifferent woman.Also read: Prilly Latuconsina’s agenda has been full for a month, it’s difficult to break the fast with family

They are united as a pair of lovers who have a dark past. Although initially he was unsure about Park Jae Bi, because of Yoo Na Bi’s past in relationships. Park Jae Bi didn’t give up on winning her heart.

This pair of lovers has attracted public attention because of their mature romantic style. Even so, many people like this drama.

2.Park Hyun Sik (Sountrack No.1)
Soundtrack No.1 is a Disney+ series that will air in 2022. As told in the film, they are a pair of friends who are always together and complement each other.

This film can be said to be friendzonebecause Park Hyun Sik (Han Seon Woo) already likes Han So-hee (Lee Eunsu), but Lee Eunsu is not aware of this.Also Read: Bayern Munich Goals Party at Home in Darmstadt, Jamal Musiala Scores 2 Goals

This film made many viewers excited about Seon Woo’s struggle with Eunsu. Their love story ended happily. Eunsu realized when she saw Seon Woo’s laptop full of her photos. Even though it’s late, Seon Woo still likes him forever.

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3.Park Seo Joon (Gyeongseong Creature)

This film generally tells the story of Gyeongseong or the old name of South Korea in 1945. It tells Han So-hee (Chae Ok) as a reliable tracker, and Park Seo Joon (Jang Tae Sang) as the owner of the Golden Jade House.

Their meeting began with the many cases of missing people in Gyeongseong. It is said that the people of Gyeongseong were used as guinea pigs by the government, so many people disappeared without a trace.

From here, Chae Ok decided to look for her long-lost mother. With the same problem, Tae Sang also intervened together with Chae Ok and his father.Also Read: Ginting and Jojo Create All Indonesian Final, End 30 Year Wait for Men’s Singles at All England

Who would have thought, because of this dramatic journey, Tae Sang fell in love with Chae Ok. Even though they are both indifferent. They continued to protect each other until the end.

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