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These are the best from Central Switzerland

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These are the best from Central Switzerland

Central Switzerland

Animals, “TurboTell” and special breasts – these were this year’s April 1st jokes

This year, the media and companies once again had fun and published April 1st jokes.

The perfume for the wet dog

Regardless of whether you are a dog owner or not, most people have probably encountered smelly dogs. No wonder, because the four-legged friends inevitably start to smell unpleasant when they get wet.

They shouldn’t stink any more soon.

Screenshot: Instagram

Tradidog, a company from Seewen SZ that specializes in dog products, has now announced a solution to the problem on Instagram. The perfume with the resounding name “Nasshund” is about to be officially launched across Switzerland.

Mia Madisson tests new function for breasts in Lucerne

Credit card, Twint or other fast and cheap payment methods? Yesterday, as Mia Madisson proves. “Especially if you’re as forgetful as I am, it’s practical if you don’t have to think about your cell phone or your wallet,” she says in the latest video from the Lucerne Clinic.

Mia Madisson presents the latest innovation when it comes to payments.

Video: RadioPilate

This regularly makes headlines, be it with breast operations live on television or discounts if you bring a friend with you for breast enlargement. But the latest innovation is really something special. Drank a beer, ate a burger or validated your parking ticket? Appropriately equipped people now only have to bend over briefly. That’s right, they pay with their breasts.

The head of Lucerne Cinic, Jürg Häcki, explains how it works in the video. “BreastPay” costs 99 francs a year and works with a corresponding chip in the breast implants. Also practical: those interested can find out on the website whether their implants are compatible.

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New investigation methods in Obwalden

The Obwalden canton police are presenting their new pilot project on Facebook. The aim is to expand the number of animal resources available, especially in cases where police dogs cannot make any progress due to their size.

The police welcome a fluffy ball of fur new to the corps. The rabbit has successfully completed the final exam and can go hunting for criminals from today. Before that, however, the swearing-in ceremony takes place: on Monday afternoon at 4 p.m. on the lawn behind the police building.

Canton of Lucerne is planning a bicycle ferry

Pro Velo shares on Instagram which project aims to make cycling more attractive in Lucerne. The canton of Lucerne presented the association with a solution for the dangerous section on the pier and along the Schweizerhofquais. A bicycle ferry will soon take the dangerous cyclists from the pier to the pavilion.

Pro Velo is pleased with the plans, but expresses concerns about waiting times. That’s why you supported a cable car in the discussions. In addition to shorter waiting times, this would also offer added value for tourism.

This is what the bike ferry will one day look like.

Screenshot: Instagram

Tellbus becomes Tellboot

Auto AG Uri will also report news on April 1st. Due to increasing traffic jams along the Tellbus line from Altdorf to Lucerne and back, they worked with tourism organizations to find a great solution: “the brand new TurboTell!”

“The new ship model will be powered by hydrogen, which will ensure a rapid journey on the lake between Lucerne and Flüelen or vice versa. And the best thing: our guests don’t have to plan additional travel time, just less!” The TurboTell will be ready for use from the timetable change in mid-December 2024.

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Zug company invents first folding dryer

The Zug company Schulthess even hired a star for its April 1st prank. It reports in a statement: “No more ironing and folding: The latest innovation from Schulthess that saves valuable time – the dryer with integrated folding function.” In the promotional video with athlete Mujinga Kambundji, the model is presented. The fastest Swiss woman is thrilled with the new miracle tumbler: “I have always wanted a device that irons my blouses perfectly and folds them into drawers. For me, the Schulthess dryer is a small technical miracle. Wow, just awesome!”

“The devices can already be pre-ordered; there is a waiting list,” writes Schulthess.

Image: zvg / Schulthess

Hiking is becoming an Olympic event

In the summer of 2024, hiking will be officially presented as a new discipline by the organizing committee of the Summer Olympics. The Swiss Hiking Trails Association and Swiss Olympic announced that the popular sport will be tested in a demonstration competition in Paris for long-term inclusion in the competition catalogue.

Around four million Swiss people travel on hiking trails every year.

Image: zvg

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