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These famous startups have lost their founders, who are they?

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These famous startups have lost their founders, who are they?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – It turns out that there are quite a lot of startup companies in Indonesia whose founders have abandoned them. The reasons are varied, such as wanting to focus on other businesses and so on.

Even though the founder has left the company, many startups are still operating and growing. Here are some of the startup founders who chose to leave the company, summarized by CNBC Indonesia:

1. Bukalapak



Achmad Zaky left the company he founded in December 2019. The former Chief Executive Officer of Bukalapak has discussed his decision with the company’s shareholders and the two other founders, Fajrin Rasyid and Nugroho Herucahyono.

Two years later, Nugroho and Fajrin also left Bukalapak in March and June 2020. Fajrin is known to be the Director of Digital Business at Telkom.

Meanwhile Zaky and Nugroho, through Init-6, are actively looking for founders of new companies to provide capital to. So, currently none of Bukalapak’s founders remain in this unicorn startup.

Bukalapak has now become a public company whose shares are traded on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. Since Zaky, Bukalapak has also gone through two CEOs, namely Rachmat Kaimuddin and Willix Halim.

2. Tokopedia

Tokopedia founder William Tanuwijaya has now relinquished his position as CEO of Tokopedia. In the official GoTo management announcement, Wednesday (8/2/2023), William said he would focus on carrying out his function on the GoTo Board of Commissioners, as Co-chairman together with Garibaldi Thohir.

“I am grateful to have spent the last 15 years establishing and building Tokopedia. Now, I will dedicate my time to building and achieving the GoTo Group’s vision and mission, working closely with management to build one of the most iconic and meaningful companies on the world stage,” said William in GoTo’s official statement some time ago.

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William’s position will be replaced by Melissa Siska Juminto, who has accompanied William at GoTo for many years in various positions. Meanwhile, the other founder of Tokopedia, Leonitus Alpha Edison, still occupies the position of director and commissioner at Tokopedia.

3. Gojek

Nadiem Makarim left Gojek, the company he founded, and became part of Joko Widodo’s government. He was appointed Minister of Education and Culture in 2019.

“I will say a few words to the drivers and my family at Gojek. I am also very sad to leave my family, they are the drivers. With a heavy heart I leave Gojek, they are like my children, my family,” said Nadiem to journalists in State Palace, Jakarta, some time ago.

Another Gojek founder, Kevin Aluwi, is also known to no longer be at Gojek. He focuses on building businesses in the fields of web3, climate tech and gaming.

Even so, he still serves as a member of the Board of Commissioners of Gojek’s parent company, Goto and Electrum, which is a joint venture between Gojek and TBS Energi Utama.

4. Tanihub

From the official LinkedIn page, TaniHub founder Pamitra Wineka has left the company since June 2022. Before leaving the startup, she served as CEO for 1 year and 2 months or since May 2021.

Apart from CEO, he also writes as President and Co-Founder of TaniHub on the LinkedIn page. He held this position from September 2016 to April 2021.

Apart from Pamitra, another founder, Ivan Arie Sustiawan, left his position as CEO of TaniHub and TaniFund last year. At that time, his position as CEO was replaced by Pamitra.

5. Tokocrypto

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Tokocrypto founder Pang Xue Kai has also left Tokocrypto management to take a ‘supervisory’ position on the company’s Board of Commissioners. Kai relinquished the CEO position after Binance became the majority shareholder in Tokocrypto.

In fact, the crypto giant plans to gradually become the sole owner of Tokocrypto.

Kai, who founded Tokocrypto in 2018 with Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda, was replaced by Yudhono Rawis as CEO. This mechanical engineer from Singapore is currently busy with another Web3 company, namely Untukmu AI.

Teguh’s name recently emerged as a candidate for member of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Apart from that, Teguh is an advisor at startup D3 Labs as well as chairman of the Indonesian Crypto Asset Traders Association.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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