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They arrest the alleged murderer of a French tourist in Havana

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They arrest the alleged murderer of a French tourist in Havana

A 60-year-old French tourist was tragically murdered early Thursday morning in a building on the corner of Industria and Virtues in the municipality of Havana Center. According to reports, the victim had gone up to a tourist rental apartment in the company of two young women who allegedly drugged and suffocated him in an attempt to rob him.

The perpetrators, believed to be between 18 and 25 years old, were reportedly caught by police as one of the young women attempted to flee to the east of the country at the La Coubre bus terminal. The other woman’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

It has been revealed that the Frenchman frequently brought young people to the apartment, which is located on the fourth floor of the property. The victim’s body was discovered on Thursday morning, prompting an immediate police response in the area.

This incident adds to the tragic wave of violence affecting Cuban society. In March of this year, the body of a German tourist was found inside an apartment in El Vedado, also in Havana. According to reports, the victim had been murdered, but official confirmation of the violent circumstances was not provided.

In a similar case, a 52-year-old Canadian tourist, Antoinette Traboulsi, was murdered in Varadero while on vacation in November 2020. Her body was found buried in the sand with signs of violence. Traboulsi’s cousin, Sami Soussa, stated that she was a nurse residing in Montreal, Quebec.

The French Embassy in Havana and official sources on social networks have not yet commented on the recent incident. The tragic deaths of these tourists serve as a sobering reminder of the ongoing violence in Cuba, leaving many concerned for the safety of visitors to the island.

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