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They capture two Colombians in Apopa who sold fake raffle tickets

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Colombian nationals Oscar David MS and Juan Felipe ML were recently arrested in Apopa, San Salvador on charges of money laundering. The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) ordered a raid on their home where they were allegedly running illegal raffles that were not regulated by the National Charity Lottery.

According to the FGR, the two men created companies to hold these unregulated raffles and hired people to sell tickets. Participants were promised cash prizes, but many were not awarded. During the raid, authorities seized approximately $7,000 in cash that could not be justified, as well as numerous raffle tickets linking them to the illicit activity.

The FGR stated that the investigation is ongoing and that the suspects were attempting to hide the illegal origin of the cash through these activities. The authorities are continuing to gather evidence in the case.

The arrested Colombians will face prosecution for the crime of money and asset laundering. The FGR’s actions highlight the government’s commitment to combating financial crimes and illegal activities in the country.

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