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They find a human head in a garbage dump in Sant Clara

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They find a human head in a garbage dump in Sant Clara

Rumors of Dismembered Body in Cuba Dismissed by Official Source

Contrary to rumors spread on social networks, the official source in Cuba has dismissed speculations of the discovery of a dismembered body. After forensic specialists analyzed the remains, it was determined that the skull belonged to an individual who died over 15 years ago.

Speculations have arisen that the skull may have been removed from a cemetery for purposes related to Santeria, a common practice in the Condado district, according to the report.

Specialists from Legal Medicine and the Ministry of the Interior continue working on the identification of the deceased, but have only revealed that the remaining skeletal remains belong to a man between 30 and 40 years old, who died over a decade ago.

The official source has called on people not to give credence to rumors “that only generate anguish and uncertainty” and “negative feelings that affect the well-being of the population.” However, the same source has overlooked the growing reports of deaths and violent events in Cuba, reported only through social networks and which are often neither confirmed nor denied by official sources.

In the comments of the publication, a neighbor of the neighborhood corrected the alleged speed with which the authorities intervened after the discovery, pointing out that the discovery was made in the morning and that the police response was later than indicated in the official statement.

Various internet users have speculated about the possible identity of the deceased, suggesting that it could be someone who was reported missing in the past.

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The case adds to a series of incidents related to the theft of bone remains in religious rituals and in Cuban cemeteries. This practice has increased in recent years, coinciding with the increase in vandalism in these places.

Another shocking event occurred recently, when the lifeless body of a newborn was found in a garbage tank in Old Havana. The authorities managed to identify the mother, a 16-year-old girl who took abortifacients and gave birth to the deceased. However, the police did not publicly confirm the facts, despite the dissemination of videos that corroborated the discovery.

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