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they found water right there

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they found water right there
LP 890-b – Passionetecnologica

Over the years, despite the continuous technological and scientific progress, we have always been used to continuous and inevitable discoveries at the level of space, with new planets of which we still know little, and which finally shed light on some details concerning the whole universe, which until now we ignored.

One of the undoubtedly fundamental issues when it comes to the discovery of new planets is obviously the presence of water. In fact, water is undoubtedly a litmus test, which indicates the presence of any forms of life on the surface of the planet in question.

Good news comes precisely in this regard, since two new planets of a rocky nature would have been discovered, approximately 100 light years from what is our Planet Earth: let’s find out together in the smallest details what it is.

Despite the enormous distance from Planet Earth, we managed to find two new planets, which orbit the cold star called LP 890-9, also known by the alternative name of SPECULOOS-2. Both planets turned out to be rocky in nature, and according to the first observations by scientists, one of the respective planets would have a period that, at least on paper, could be compatible with its life at its surface.

Behind this sensational discovery there would be scientists from the University of Liège and Birmingham, who published this research study in the fast scientific journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. Starting from the inside, we find respectively LP 890-bwhich would have a surface area about 30% larger than our Planet Earth, with a revolution period approximately 2.7 days.

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Searches of the past

In reality, this planet had already passed under the spotlight a few years ago, in conjunction with the TESS mission (acronym that stands for Transitino Exoplanet Survey Satellite), which had as its focus the study of explanets that orbit around the stars that are closest to them.

Similar situation for the other discovered planet, LP 890-cwhich has a size of 40% larger than the Planet Earth, and an orbital period that reaches 8.5 days, also falling within the habitability requirements.

LP 890-c – Passionetecnologica

At the moment we do not know further details regarding these two new planets: we just have to wait for any updates from scientists and astronomers, possibly with the publication of an official press release, which we are sure will not be long in coming over the next few months or years.

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