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– They have sent aircraft – Dagsavisen

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– They have sent aircraft – Dagsavisen

– A short time ago, Iran sent unmanned aerial vehicles from its territory towards Israel, says IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari.

He further says that it will take several hours before the drones reach Israel, and that the country’s defense systems are prepared for the drones.

– We ask the public to listen to and follow the instructions from the authorities and the IDF, he says.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard confirms to state media that it has fired a dozen drones and missiles at “specific targets” in Israel. Iran’s state news agency Irna reports at the same time that Iran’s military is sending ballistic missiles at targets inside Israel.

The White House: The US stands with Israel

The White House says in a statement that “the United States supports” Israel’s defense against the attacks from Iran.

– The United States stands with the Israeli people and supports their defense against these Iranian attacks, the statement said.

Hagari says that Israel and the US are working together to ward off the drones.

– WE work closely with the US and our partners in the region to handle the launches and intercept them.

US President Joe Biden cut short a trip to his hometown of Delaware as fears of an attack grew, and news that it was under way came while he was in a helicopter on his way to Washington. There, on Saturday evening, he assembled his national security council for a crisis meeting with, among others, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken and CIA chief Bill Burns.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has assembled Israel’s war cabinet at the military headquarters in Tel Aviv, his office said.

– Our defense systems are ready, and we are prepared for any scenario, both in defense and attack, Netanyahu said in a televised speech on Saturday evening.

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Implemented security measures

Earlier in the evening, Israel introduced a series of security measures.

The country has, among other things, closed all schools and canceled children’s and youth activities, as well as introduced restrictions, which mean that only 1,000 people are allowed to gather outdoors, with an even lower number in the border areas.

Iran has vowed to retaliate for an attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria last week, which Israel is believed to be behind. However, Israel has not commented on the Damascus attack.

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Iraq and Jordan close airspace

Both Jordan and Iraq, which are both located between Israel and Iran, have chosen to close their airspace to all air traffic.

Several Iraqi security sources told the Reuters news agency that drones could be seen flying over Iraq’s Sulaymaniya province.

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