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They identify a soldier who was murdered during the massacre in Toa Baja

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They identify a soldier who was murdered during the massacre in Toa Baja

#### Former Mayor of Cataño Was Present at His Business in Toa Baja During Monday Night Massacre
*Félix “El Cano” Delgado Montalvo become witness and victim to violent shooting*

*By: Local Correspondent*

The small town of Toa Baja, Puerto Rico was rocked by a violent and deadly shooting late Monday night at the business establishment of convicted former mayor Félix “El Cano” Delgado Montalvo. The incident, which claimed five lives and left several others injured, has left the community reeling.

Among the victims was Kevin Marc Etorma, a 30-year-old soldier from the United States Navy, and a friend of the former mayor’s relative. The shooting, which occurred at “La Casita del Árbol” in the Campanillas neighborhood, also seriously injured Daniel Delgado Álvarez, 29, who is hospitalized in critical condition.

Delgado Montalvo was present at his business during the attack and was interviewed by investigators as a witness and victim. According to reports, he was inside the establishment when gunmen opened fire and he sought shelter on the floor. He accompanied his injured brother to the hospital.

The former mayor’s lawyer, Juan F. Matos De Juan, was quick to clarify that the violent incident was not related to his client’s previous legal issues. Delgado Montalvo is set to be sentenced on March 13 in relation to his guilty plea for corruption charges.

The shooting was reportedly targeted at Xavier Matos Rivera, known as “Maco,” who was killed in the attack. Matos Rivera was a known figure in the criminal underworld, with connections to drug points in the area and suspected involvement in multiple murders. His brother, José L. Matos Rivera, also succumbed to his injuries.

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In addition to the fatalities, two other women and the former mayor’s brother remain hospitalized. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, with authorities reviewing security footage and interviewing witnesses in search of clues about the gunmen and their methods.

The small community of Toa Baja has been left in shock by the terrible events of Monday night, with many expressing their grief for the innocent victims and hoping for answers from law enforcement.

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