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They murder a well-known drag queen in Havana

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They murder a well-known drag queen in Havana

Rudy, a drag queen known as “Snow White” in Havana, was tragically murdered this week, allegedly at the hands of his partner, according to Cubanet. A neighbor of the victim reported that Rudy and his partner, Yordano, were heard arguing early one morning. When Rudy began asking for help around 4 a.m., no one intervened due to frequent domestic disputes in the past.

The next morning, Yordano claimed Rudy had gone on a trip, but suspicious neighbors saw Rudy sitting in an easy chair through the window. Upon entering the house, they discovered that he had been fatally stabbed.

Authorities confirmed that “Snow White” had died from a stab wound allegedly inflicted by his partner, Yordano. Yordano was later captured by neighbors and handed over to the authorities.

Friends, activists, and members of the drag community have expressed sadness over the tragic event, which adds to the increasing violence in the country, particularly in the area of domestic violence. Facebook posts and group messages have poured in, remembering “Snow White” as a legend in the drag community, known for his humor and wit.

At this time, there is no official confirmation of the crime in the media. The news has left the community in shock and mourning the loss of a beloved member of the drag community.

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