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Thiago Monteiro threatens reaction, but is eliminated by Argentine at Rio Open

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Thiago Monteiro threatens reaction, but is eliminated by Argentine at Rio Open

Opening Friday (23) on the Gustavo Kuerten court, the main Rio OpenBrazilian Thiago Monteiro faced Argentine Sebastian Báez and ended up defeated by 2 sets a 1 in more than two hours of departure.

With the stands filling up as the game took place, the Brazilian fans were the overwhelming majority and did everything they could to encourage the 29-year-old Ceará native and number 117 in the ATP rankings.

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Even so, the brother 23 years old and number 30 in the world managed to stop an impressive reaction from the Brazilian and prevailed, qualifying for the semi-finals of the 9th edition of the biggest men’s tennis tournament in Latin America, which celebrates 10 years in 2024.

The match started well balanced with both tennis players confirming their respective services. The day was very cloudy, but very stuffy, with the temperature around 30º C, but with a thermal sensation of around 40º C.

Monteiro was doing well and had two break points at 1-2, but the Argentine managed to confirm the service after four draws. In the next game, the Brazilian started off and had his serve broken. Then, Báez knew how to control the game and closed the set com 6 a 4.

In the 2nd half, Thiago returned with a different attitude and managed to break number 30 in the ranking twice in a row, opening 5-0. Báez appeared to be suffering from some physical wear and tear and tried his best to shorten the points, taking risks with serve and volley several times. The strategy didn’t work, and Monteiro tied the game at 6-1 in the 2nd set.

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In the decisive set, the Brazilian even started by breaking the Argentine’s serve, but Báez reacted in the final, returned the break and balanced the game again. Monteiro ended up broken again in the 6th of the stage and was unable to react. 6 to 2 for brother to the frustration of the Rio public.

With the victory, Sebastian Báez now faces compatriot Francisco Cerundolo, who also beat Dusan Lajovic in 3 sets. The match is scheduled for this Saturday (23).

With the defeat, Brazil’s number 2 men’s singles equals his best career campaign at the Rio Open. Thiago Monteiro also reached the quarterfinals in 2017, when he was beaten by Casper Ruud.

The Brazilian has only two ATP semifinals in his career, in Quito in 2018 and Melbourne-1 in 2021. It was in this Australian tournament that Brazil had a semifinalist on the ATP circuit for the last time.

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