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Thierry Mugler: Zendaya walks the red carpet in a robot look

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Thierry Mugler: Zendaya walks the red carpet in a robot look

Published16. February 2024, 12:43

Out of this world: “What if she farts?” – Zendaya is celebrated for her cyborg look

Is Zendaya from another galaxy? Your look speaks for it. For an appearance on the red carpet, the actress dresses up in a metal robot suit.


Zendaya presents a look that seems out of this world at the premiere of “Dune: Part Two” in London. The actress appeared in a robot suit designed by Thierry Mugler for his Fall/Winter 1995 collection.

The look was presented on the catwalk at Mugler in 1995.

Sygma via Getty Images

Almost thirty years after it was designed, Zendaya is breathing new life into the robot suit. The look consists of metal elements that are precisely tailored to the actress’ body.

Zendaya becomes a machine man

The robot suit is called “Machine Man” and looks like a collision of fashion and the extraterrestrial. Wrapped in the metal look, the actress looks like a cyborg. She can only move to a limited extent – which makes her seem even more like a robot.

Zendaya’s robot suit is transparent in various places – for example on the stomach, chest and bottom. Those areas are only covered by Plexiglas. However, the actress uses tape or wears a skin-colored catsuit to avoid looking too deep.

Because the actress’ bottom is only covered by Plexiglas, a user on Instagram jokes: “What if she farts and the windows fog up?” However, Zendaya is mainly celebrated on social media for the look. Top model Gigi Hadid also wrote simply: “Wow!”

That’s what makes the look so special

Zendaya is making fashion history with this red carpet style. The robot suit created back then is the result of a collaboration between top designer Thierry Mugler and artist Jean-Jacques Urcun.

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The designer and artist were inspired by Fritz Lang’s science fiction epic “Metropolis” from 1927. Almost 100 years after the release of the inspiring film, Zendaya is now walking on the red carpet of the science fiction series “Dune”.

Robo looks in the fashion world – what do you think?

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