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This is how Barbara Schöneberger feels about cosmetic procedures

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This is how Barbara Schöneberger feels about cosmetic procedures
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    At 50, Barbara Schöneberger surprises with completely new statements about beauty operations. However, it also questions propagated body ideals.

    Berlin – On March 5th, Barbara Schöneberger (50) celebrated her big birthday, which brought some interviewers to the scene. She also chats openly about her appearance. The presenter surprises with her attitude towards cosmetic procedures – because these are apparently no longer taboo for her.

    Babara Schöneberger advocates cosmetic surgery

    Barbara Schöneberger has experienced enough body shaming in her own life. In the past, she has repeatedly had to endure nasty comments about her appearance, especially on social networks. She has always resisted criticism and advocated for a more natural body image for women. Cosmetic procedures were therefore always a no-go for her. But now the blonde singer is striking new notes.

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    “I see things differently now,” says Barbara Schöneberger in an interview t-online to. “I have no objection to certain interventions.” However, there are limits for the moderator here too. “I don’t think you can help with certain problem areas anyway, because a 60-year-old body no longer reacts to certain things like a 20-year-old,” explains Schöneberger in an interview.

    Barbara Schöneberger talks about appearance at 50 and beauty obsession

    Would Barbara Schöneberger put herself under the knife now? “I would say I can still manage quite well without surgery. But of course you have to see where you stay,” she explains. Although she takes an offensive approach to her body, she makes it clear once again in the interview that she is not interested in showing a lot of skin and flaunting her body. The presenter is aware that everything is a little different at 50 than at 30.

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    At 50, Barbara Schöneberger throws her attitude towards cosmetic surgery overboard. But for the presenter there are also limits. © IMAGO / Eibner & IMAGO / Future Image

    But the entertainer also notices a change in the body ideals that are propagated on social networks among the younger generation. “Now I see very few dry poles when I walk along the Ku’damm. “I also see very fat women who wear very tight things and, ideally, with a bare midriff,” says the 50-year-old. “I feel like I see more fat people than thin people. Then I ask myself where this alleged beauty craze actually went.”

    For other celebrity colleagues, Barbara Schöneberger only now seems to be at the “right age”. So Thomas Gottschalk (73) made a tempting offer for his birthday. Sources used: t-online.de

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