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this is how it will be this year – breaking latest news

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this is how it will be this year – breaking latest news

by Gianna Fregonara, Orsola Riva

Sixty questions in 100 minutes, a unique test for everyone after last year’s appeals and the disputes over the so-called equalization mechanism

The 2024 medical test will take place on May 28 and July 30. This was decided by the Ministry of University and Research. And the test also changes compared to last year, in which the TOLC was inaugurated. We return to the «Competition», that is, a simultaneous test that is the same for everyone, even if students have two chances to take the test at the end of July. There will be 60 questions to answer in 100 minutes (and no longer 50 like last year): 4 on reading skills and knowledge acquired during studies; 5 of logical reasoning; 23 of biology; 15 of chemistry and 13 of mathematics and physics. There are five possible choices for each question: a right answer is worth 1.5 points; a wrong one causes you to lose 0.4 and each omitted answer is worth 0. The test goes back to the old one also because the online mode is archived and you return to the paper test. To prepare, students will have a public database of 3500 questions available for each test to prepare for: Cisia will publish on a platform 20 days before the test, i.e. 8 May and 10 July. At the end of August the best result to form the ranking for assignment to the various universities.

From next year, Minister Anna Maria Bernini has already announced that the system will change completely. But for this year’s exam the question remains open of the fourth grade students who last year had tried their hand at the test and had obtained – as required by law – a useful result for the ranking: it is about 3000 students who, as a result of the TAR ruling, will have to repeat the exam.

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The ministry is monitoring their situation, thus protecting the rights acquired with the 2023 test, in compliance with the ruling and the action of the Council of State.

February 15, 2024 (changed February 15, 2024 | 4:05 pm)

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