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This is how Lacava woke up (Video)

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This is how Lacava woke up (Video)

Chavista Governor Rafael Lacava of Carabobo State Expresses Anger Towards Irresponsible Employees
Video footage captured the Chavista governor of Carabobo State, Rafael Lacava, expressing his frustration with five of his employees who failed to answer their phones for office matters. In the video, posted on social media at 8 am, Lacava is seen visibly angry as he expressed his disappointment with the “irresponsible” behavior of his staff. Lacava stated that he had been working since 5 am and had been trying to reach his employees for half an hour with no success. He labeled them as “purely irresponsible people” and expressed his frustration at their lack of responsiveness. Lacava’s outburst has gained attention on social media and has sparked debate about workplace behavior and the expectations of government officials in Venezuela.

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