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this is how they voted in the provinces

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this is how they voted in the provinces

ANCONA – Elly Schlein wins over Stefano Bonaccini and Chantal Bomprezzi is the new regional secretary of the Marche Pd. She won the challenge with Michela Bellomaria after a …

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ANCONA – Elly Schlein wins over Stefano Bonaccini and Chantal Bomprezzi is the new regional secretary of the Marche Pd. You won the challenge with Michela Bellomaria after a head-to-head match that kept the federations nailed until almost midnight.

Pd Marche Congress, over 24 thousand voters

Once the final result has arrived, the sums are drawn of a day that saw women as protagonists, at a regional level but above all at a national level with Elly Schlein who beat Stefano Bonaccini with 53.8% of preferences. One million voters in Italy, 24 thousand in the Marches. Result far beyond expectations.


ANCONA: Bomprezzi 4289, Bellomaria 3145

PESARO: Bomprezzi 3138, Bellomaria 2975

MACERATA: Bomprezzi 2723, Bellomaria 1932

STOP: Bomprezzi 1391, Bellomari 1095

ASCOLI, Bomprezzi 1290, Bellomaria 2024.

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The mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci complimented the new Pd Marche secretary: «Good luck, she must be guaranteed maximum unity and support, starting with the young people who have become protagonists of this new phase. Thanks to Michela Bellomaria for her generosity. We’re starting again, we need to rebuild and our voters have shown the way. Force”. The mayor also commented on the national result and Elly Schlein’s victory: «Voters want a more left-wing political line – said Ricci, who supported Bonaccini -. They saw in Schlein a major novelty. Now she serves great unit. Each of us must guarantee it. Congratulations and good luck to Elly Schlein. Thanks to Stefano Bonaccini for his commitment and sense of responsibility”.

Elly Schlein, the first female leader of the Democratic Party

Elly Schlein is the new, and first woman to fill this role, secretary of the Democratic Party. “To 80% of the polled seats, Bonaccini to 46.2% and Schlein to 53.8%”, was announced by the Nazareno. Therefore, Stefano Bonaccini beats.

But who is Schlein? His political manifesto is very identifying: based on autobiography and personalistic opposition to the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni. Her motion is summarized in the words she spoke on the evening of the closing of the electoral campaign for the 2022 Policies. Here they are: “I am a woman, I love another woman and I am not a mother, but I am no less a woman for this” .

Elly Schlein, who is it

Born in 1985, at the age of 38, Schlein who is registered “Elena Ethel” in the Lugano registry office (Switzerland) has a law degree from Bologna. Italian mother, Jewish American father. You participated in the campaign for the election of Barack Obama in the United States. From a very young age she is an activist in various rights associations and writes about cinema. During the election of Napolitano bis (while the drama of the 101 snipers in the Democratic Party is taking place), Elly gives life with many others to the OccupyPD national protest mobilization against broad agreements, organizing the network at a national level. In 2013 she supported the Civati ​​motion in the Pd primaries, the following year she was elected MEP on the Pd lists with which she broke in 2015 after the approval of the Italicum electoral law. One of your battles in Brussels is the reform of the Dublin Regulation. In 2020 she was elected in Emilia Romagna and became the deputy of President Bonaccini, her challenger in the 2023 primaries.

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