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This most dramatic international farce has reached a new climax again! _Sina News

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Original title: This most dramatic international farce has reached a new climax again!

Source: Niu Tanqin

After taking a look, this can be described as the most dramatic international farce in recent times, and it is still fighting fiercely.

Claiming to be the oldest alliance, but publicly tore his face; just as a little sweet threesome, the boss suddenly said that Xiaosan was cheating; not to mention all kinds of rants, accusations, compensation, and even the recall of the ambassador.

Involved the United States, Britain, Australia, France. The European Union behind France is also involved, oh, and China. China is completely lying down…

This is the submarine crisis, the crisis is still fermenting, and more and more worthwhile. The latest climax, Macron’s private messages are published globally, and France scolds Australia as shameless to a “new low”…

If you follow the chapter-style novel, you can at least interpret it into five chapters, with you coming and going, stunned, and climax after wave.

Simply put it.

In the first time, France was stunned when Ao cried to death and concealed himself from the sky.

It is said that in September 2021, the three Anglo-Saxon brothers, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia suddenly formed AUKUS (Australia). At the same time, it was officially announced that the boss and the second child would help the junior Australia obtain nuclear submarines, replacing the several hundred originally signed between Australia and France. Billion-dollar submarine orders.

The reason is that in order to deal with the rise of China, the three brothers are planning ahead.

The world was shocked when the news came out.

Not to mention that China lay guns, can this bring peace? Not to mention that this is a naked nuclear proliferation. How can the United States and Britain convince Iran and North Korea?

So much so that New Zealand, the little brother of the Anglo family, sighed and shook his head: New Zealand will ban Australian nuclear submarines from entering territorial waters because of the principle of non-nuclear weapons.

But it was France who was so angry that his hands and feet were cold.

Originally, the submarine contract of the century was considered Macron’s major diplomatic achievement, but now, the major diplomatic achievement has become a major diplomatic failure.

The angry French Foreign Minister Le Drian scolded that these allies were “stabbing in the back” against France. “This rude, unilateral and unforeseen decision reminds me of Trump’s past behavior. I am very angry, and very much. Dissatisfaction, this is not the way to treat allies.”

What ally? It’s all about interest.

What makes France even more anxious is that in June this year, Britain hosted the G7 summit, Macron also caressed Johnson’s back and laughed haha; but who knew that Biden and Johnson were in secret negotiations, silently advancing against the French. “No Hook Action”.

Sure enough, there were no hooks and no hooks, and France was embarrassed.

The second time, Macron was furious, and the United States hurried to appease.

The arrogant French were completely enraged. This is not only a major loss of profit, but also, what is the face of the country?

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Macron immediately instructed: Immediately recall the ambassadors to the United States and Australia.

French Foreign Minister Le Drian claimed: This is the “first time in history” that France has recalled an American ambassador. “There is a serious crisis between us. There are lies, discordance, contempt, and betrayal of integrity. It confirms that we have become a mess.”

Please note that for the first time in the history of US-French relations.

You know, although the United States and Britain are considered to be a special relationship, France is the United States‘ most durable ally. In the American Revolutionary War, France was a hard-core ally of the Continental Army. It was with the full support of the French that the United States defeated the British colonists and won independence.

Now, the allies have a knife behind. The celebration of the Chesapeake Battle that was originally scheduled to be held at the French Embassy in the United States was immediately cancelled. In this naval battle 240 years ago, the French army, as an ally of the US military, defeated the British fleet, laying a solid foundation for the final victory of the American War of Independence.

The French ambassador to the United States is packing his luggage, and the French ambassador to Australia has already rushed to the airport. The sentence before leaving is: Australia has committed a huge historical mistake.

Recall the ambassador to the United States in Australia, what about the ambassador to the United Kingdom?

According to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Britain must have played a role in fueling the flames. “We don’t need to recall the French ambassador to the UK, we don’t need to consult his views and understand the whole story.”

The United Kingdom is just like that anyway, and it doesn’t do bad things. We know it without asking the ambassador.

The United States is also very embarrassed. Originally, it wooed Australia to frighten China, but it didn’t know that China was not frightened. The French could not sit still and turn their faces first.

Oh, after Biden took the stage, the most famous slogan was: America is back. It turned out to be back to grab the Frenchman’s big order.

The U.S. hastened all kinds of reassurances. Biden kept calling Macron to flatter him.

Oh, France, aren’t you still in North Africa’s military operations? We, the United States, support it and admit that this is the French sphere of influence in disguise. In addition, France, you don’t want to build an army in Europe, and the United States no longer opposes it. I am optimistic that it will succeed…

The two also agreed on this, one month later, they will see each other.

In the third time, Old Biden came to the door to admit his mistake, and Morrison turned into a donkey.

Gossip less, a month later, Biden really met Macron in Rome.

When we met this time, Old Biden was extremely diligent.

Biden made a special visit to the French Embassy. In the past, such a meeting was usually a neutral third party. No matter what, it would definitely be the US Embassy. When is the French Embassy’s turn?

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But Biden didn’t care about it, and the meaning was very clear: Macron, I personally came to the door to apologize.

Moreover, Biden deliberately wore the same suit and almost the same tie as Macron. At the same time, in front of the reporters, Biden slapped Macron’s hands, hugged Macron’s shoulders, and held hands for a long time.

So much so that some Western netizens sighed: Biden and Macron went to Rome for their wedding.

The husbands were not idle either, and Mrs. Biden asked Mrs. Macron to eat out in Rome. The reporter asked how it felt, and Mrs. Biden replied: Very good, two friends together, like two sisters.

Well, it is indeed a sister today.

What do you say about the submarine incident?

Obviously, Biden prepared carefully and made serious self-criticism, saying: I think, this matter, in an English term, is that we are clumsy and not elegant enough.

But why is there such a mistake?

Biden continued to explain to Macron: In my impression, France had been told a long time ago that this transaction could not be successfully completed. I am honest with God on this point.

The meaning couldn’t be more clear: sorry, brother Macron, we were also deceived by that Australia, they misled me: their contract with you has long been pulled down.

The so-called unloading the mill to kill the donkey, the board finally hit Morrison.

That is a liar, he deceived you France and also deceived us the United States.

In the fourth time, the Australian Prime Minister Salted Pig started, and the French President’s eyes widened in anger.

What about Australia?

You beauty and law side by side, smile and greet each other; I also come to join hands, hook shoulders and ride back and relax.

After all, the summit is held in Rome. Although Macron refuses to meet bilaterally, it is still possible to create a chance encounter.

So, between the summits, Morrison saw Macron who was chatting, and said that it was too late, and he immediately frowned. He walked quickly forward, raised his right hand, impartially, and put him on the floor. Macron’s little shoulder.

Morrison still said something with a smile on his face: hello, hello, Macron.

After the incident, he did not forget to brag to the Australian media: Macron was talking to other people at the time, I walked over, and I put my hand on his shoulder, saying hello: Hello, Emmanuel (Macron’s intimate name )…

Due to the sudden incident, only well-prepared Australian official reporters took the footage at the time.

Morrison’s hands were indeed on Macron’s shoulders. Macron, who was just wearing a mask, looked surprised. Although he did not push away the salty pig’s hand, his eyes were disdainful and angry.

It’s not easy to break out in public, but according to some people’s interpretations, if it hadn’t been for Morrison’s quick withdrawal, the anger in Macron’s eyes would probably burn him to ashes.

Macron’s anger is hard to calm down.

When an Australian reporter asked Macron: Do you think Morrison lied to you?

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Macron didn’t even think about it, and blurted out: I don’t need to think, I know!

In the fifth round, the top-secret private message was leaked, and France and Australia fought another round.

Asking for a group photo, and finally humiliated; cheeky, Morrison had another plan.

Soon, the whole world saw a text message, Macron sent Morrison: “For our joint submarine ambitions, should I expect good news or bad news?”

This is obviously a private message sent by Macron to Morrison before the official announcement of the nuclear submarine deal in the United States, Britain and Australia. The French obviously heard some wind and were asking carefully.

Can this kind of top-secret private messages between leaders be leaked?

Who did it?

People looked at Morrison.

Morrison refused to confirm, but he was obviously the most motivated to leak the secrets.

Didn’t you say that I deceived France? Then look at Macron’s text messages. He actually knows the situation, but pretending to be ignorant, he shirks all the blame on Australia. And Biden, it’s not authentic for you to kill the donkey like this.

Earlier, when Macron said “I don’t need to think, I know”, Morrison replied angrily: “I don’t agree with this statement. This is not a fact.”

He also declared: I will not allow Macron to slander Australia.

But the leaders’ private messages can be made public, which broke diplomatic conventions and angered France even more.

The French ambassador who had just returned to Australia scolded Australia as “Low has reached a new height.” He warned that this is a worrying signal to the leaders of all countries in the world: “Be careful, Australia will leak secrets. What you say to this’partner’ in private will eventually be used as a weapon against you. “

Oh, beware of Australian liars.

Even Morrison’s predecessor, Turnbull, also stood up and criticized Morrison as a complete liar. He always lied to him before, and now he lied to Macron.

But this may be the nature of the Australian prime minister. According to someone’s analysis for him, in the old days Cheng had three tricks to bite the gold, but Morrison had at least four tricks.

Deceive Macron with a sharp axe;

Straightforwardly, denying ever lied;

Three tricks, leaking private text messages;

Four axes, play the victim…

Smart enough, think about other events in Australia in recent years, are they similar?

The quarrel continued, and there were still several waves of climax.

Morrison has made it clear that the United States can apologize to France, but Australia will not apologize.

The European Union has also made it clear that it supports France’s rights defense and suspends free trade negotiations with Australia.

The leaks added fuel to the fire. So much so that Australian journalists sent Morrison a “soul question”-if private messages can be leaked, how can other leaders in the world trust you?

AUKUS, are you crying to death?

If we want to know what happened, we will talk about it in the next book.

Editor in charge: Zhang Di


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