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Thousands in the square in Rome for Pride. Schlein: “It’s okay to be here” – Politics

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Thousands in the square in Rome for Pride.  Schlein: “It’s okay to be here” – Politics

The Capital is tinged with the colors of the rainbow of rights. Thousands from the early afternoon in Piazza della Repubblica from where the LGBT pride parade started shortly after 4.30 pm with the floats of the 2023 edition entitled quee resistance.

A Pride preceded by some controversy after the revocation of the patronage by the president of the Lazio Region Francesco Rocca and the recordings of children of two pairs of mothers made yesterday by Mayor Roberto Gualtieri criticized by Fdi.

Gualtieri marched at the head of the procession. Maria Elena Boschi and Pd secretary Elly also took part in the parade slime.

Gualtieri: those who asked for the prefect’s intervention are wrong
“The transcripts are made throughout Italy, whoever asked the prefect to intervene is wrong, a very normal thing was done”. This was stated by the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, at the head of the Rome Pride procession.

Schlein: I’m here because it’s important and right to be there
“I’m here today because it’s important, because the Democratic Party will always be in the places of protection and promotion of LGBTQ+ rights. Starting with egalitarian marriage, adoptions and recognition of the children of same-parent couples. We’re here because it’s important and right to be there. And on the other hand, it is wrong that the Lazio region does not exist. We are there with our bodies and we are here in the midst of the associations to support Pride, as we are in support and have joined the whole Pride wave as PD”. This was stated by the secretary of the Pd Elly Schlein arriving at the Roma Pride procession. “Let’s not forget that those who govern Italy today are the same ones who scuttled a law of civilization like the Zan law with applause, hard to forget – he recalled -. A law that exists throughout the rest of Europe , a law against hatred and discrimination also on sexual orientation that exists in all European countries”.

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Roma Pride, Schlein: ‘We are here, the Lazio Region is not wrong’

Pride organizers: ‘We are a million, never so many’. Police sources speak of 40 thousand.
“We are a million, but seen so many people at Pride”. Thus the organizers from the float that opens the Roma Pride on the notes of Paola and Chiara, godmothers of the 2023 parade. Together with the two singers, gay friendly icons, also the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri. Many slogans punctuated in the long and colorful procession counterpointed by rainbows and fuchsia, a queer colour. “Long live love”, “Long live Pride. Now it’s always resistance”, some irreverent motto against the president of the Lazio Region Rocca (- Rocca + Rocco) and against the minister Roccella, many rainbow flags as well as sequins, sequins and feathers . A few moments of tension at the beginning of the procession between some activists and the 5 Star Movement, when upon the arrival of the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, some raised the pentastellate flags and turned them towards the cameras. Thus began the cry against the grillini: “turn them down. Party flags are not brought to Pride”.
On the other hand, around 40,000 people are taking part in Rome Pride 2023 according to data provided by the Police Headquarters.

Colamarino: our resistance to this government is starting
“From today the resistance of our community to this right, to this government and to Meloni starts. What happened with the patronage of the Lazio region is yet another proof of how homophobic and scoundrel this right is. It’s a shame. And all of this on the skin of the citizens of Lazio and of our community”. This was stated by Mario Colamarino, spokesman for Roma Pride and president of Mario Mieli, before the departure of the procession in Piazza della Repubblica

Bonino and Magi on the chariot of +Europe with Venus Botticelli Lgbti+
+Europe at Rome Pride 2023 with its own float: on board the leader Emma Bonino, the secretary Riccardo Magi, the deputy Benedetto Della Vedova, the treasurer Carla Taibi, the deputy secretary Piercamillo Falasca, leaders and militants of the party. Also on the bandwagon is the journalist and science communicator, Alessandro Cecchi Paone with his partner Simone Antolini, the hard-core actress Roberta Gemma, representatives of the Iranian and Belarusian communities parading in solidarity with their own peoples oppressed by dictatorships. There is also a Venus by Botticelli used by the government in the “Open to wonder” campaign in an LGBTI+ version: the Venus wears a +Europa t-shirt with the words “Open to love”. “Today is a good celebration and I hope that someone realizes that individual liberties and civil rights are not a crime, they are not deviants. They are ways of being. We are not all the same but we must respect each other”, he affirmed Emma Bonino. “We have always been convinced that the quality of a democracy depends on civil rights. We see it in the countries of Eastern Europe, in Hungary, in Poland, not to mention Russia: it is on these issues – underlined the secretary of + And Magi – that democracies are sliding towards authoritarian systems. And we think that this is a garrison, a barrier to be strengthened. According to the polls – added Magi – Italians are in favor of egalitarian marriages and adoptions for homoparental couples and for singles: so we have to send a message to this government.” “Pride is a celebration of freedom. We defend and promote rights and rules of freedom,” said +Europe deputy Benedetto Della Vedova.

Pride: Boschi, it’s important to be there, not second-class citizens here
“As a deputy from Rome it was essential to be here today especially when the Region withdrew its sponsorship of Pride. As a representative of the institutions I wanted to be there to say that the people who peacefully and cheerfully demonstrate here are part of our state , are not second-class citizens and need our support.” Thus the deputy of Italia Viva Maria Elena Boschi during the Roma Pride procession and added: “If there is a law on civil unions, it is due to the Renzi government who had the courage to put their trust in that law and approve it. However, there is still a lot to do on the issue of rights, on an educational and cultural level to combat any discrimination”.

Maiorino (M5s): in the square for communities under attack
“I’m really happy because this is the first time we’ve participated with flags, we’ve never done it out of fairness because it’s everyone’s demonstration. But we believe that in this circumstance it’s important to give visible support given that the LGBT community is under attack.” Thus the senator of the 5 Star Movement, Alessandra Maiorino, present in Piazza della Repubblica, together with a delegation of elected officials from Rome and Lazio, such as the Capitoline councilor Paolo Ferrara, and the regional councilor Valerio Novelli.

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