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Thousands of enterprises in Zhejiang go overseas to grab orders and let their products go to the world_Dagong.com

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Thousands of enterprises in Zhejiang go overseas to grab orders and let their products go to the world_Dagong.com

Picture: On December 4, relevant persons in charge of Zhejiang’s “Thousands of Groups and Thousands of Enterprises to Expand the Market and Grab Orders” and business representatives flew to Japan to search for orders. Web image

[Ta Kung Pao News]According to China News Agency: In the past few days, a team composed of relevant persons in charge of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and other provincial departments and business representatives has been busy in Europe: participating in the European Food Ingredients and Health Raw Materials Exhibition, Expand Zhejiang’s foreign trade with Germany, France and other major countries in the EU region, and expand bilateral economic and trade cooperation… This is also the first time that Zhejiang’s provincial business department has led a team to go abroad since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Zhejiang is a major province of foreign trade. In order to help enterprises expand markets and seek orders, the province took immediate action and launched the “Thousands of Enterprises to Expand Markets and Grab Orders Action.” Thousands of enterprises went abroad to participate in economic and trade activities.

“This is the first time for an enterprise to participate in the European food ingredients and health raw materials exhibition offline since the outbreak of the epidemic.” The relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Shangshang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. said bluntly that the overall effect of the exhibition was good. He introduced that from the first day of the exhibition alone, the company has conducted matchmaking negotiations with more than 60 customers, and the intended transaction volume is about 12 million US dollars. “In the past two days, there will be 60 or 70 customers coming to our booth for face-to-face communication.” The person in charge revealed that next year, the company will further increase its participation in global offline exhibitions and let its products go to the world.

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Regarding the effectiveness of this on-site exhibition, an overseas salesman of Zhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. introduced that on the first day alone, the company booth received about 20 customers, and the intended transaction amount was about 17 million US dollars.

A meeting is worth a thousand emails. From the perspective of the entire province of Zhejiang, Jiaxing, Ningbo and other places have also moved quickly to seek orders overseas in groups. On December 4th, a delegation from Jiaxing flew to Japan; on December 6th, a delegation from Ningbo flew to the United Arab Emirates… It is reported that many places in Zhejiang are making intensive preparations and are actively participating.

“We hope that the government departments will take the lead in ‘going out’ to send more positive signals to enterprises, so that they will have more confidence and willingness to ‘go out’ and obtain more development opportunities. Personnel ‘please come in’.” said Li Lin, Secretary-General of the Economic and Trade Delegation of Zhejiang Tuo Market.

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