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Three workers at the port of Santiago de Cuba die from asphyxiation

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Three workers at the port of Santiago de Cuba die from asphyxiation

Three workers die from asphyxiation in the Port of Santiago de Cuba

Authorities at the “Guillermón Moncada” Port in Santiago de Cuba, in the east of the island, reported that on the night of February 21, three of their workers were exposed to a polluting gas while unloading a shipment of rice and they died from asphyxiation.

According to government sources, Port officials expressed their regret over the death of three of their workers due to asphyxiation last night, when they were preparing to unload a ship of rice and were exposed to the inhalation of a poisonous gas when entering a sealed and fumigated warehouse that was not intended for unloading.

The preliminary information provided by the General Director of the Eastern Port Services Company, Engineer José Álvarez Díaz, indicates that despite the prompt intervention of his colleagues and emergency teams, the three stevedores arrived without vital signs at the Military Hospital. Dr. Joaquín Castillo Duany, located near the port of Santiago.

The three deceased port workers were identified as Raiko Calzado Kindelan, Yosbani Paaterson Duany and Roibel Bejerano Hernandez.

After learning about the accident, the first secretary of the Party in Santiago de Cuba, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, and the interim governor of the Province, Manuel Falcón Hernández, immediately appeared at the port and then at the hospital, showing interest in the causes of the accident. tragic incident and directing maximum attention to the families of the deceased.

Specialized health personnel and the Ministry of the Interior, along with other experts, are working to determine the causes that caused the unfortunate accident in the Port of Santiago de Cuba, when three workers died from asphyxiation after being exposed to a toxic gas when they were trying to unload shipments of rice for sales in warehouses.

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