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Three years after Brexit, where will the UK go? _Economy_Europe_International

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Three years after Brexit, where will the UK go? _Economy_Europe_International

Original title: Where will the UK go after three years of Brexit?

high inflation recession

Great strikes hit the UK

Three years after Brexit

More than half of the people regretted

Britain’s dilemma

What is the problem?

“Post-Brexit era” intertwined with Russia-Ukraine conflict

Where is Britain headed?

February 4 at 8pm

CCTV-4 “Deep International”

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“Where is the UK going after three years of Brexit?” “

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Ding Yifan

Research Fellow, World Development Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council

The current economic situation in the UK is very bad. The inflation rate has exceeded 10% for several months, and economic growth has basically stagnated. The British “Financial Times” used a word to describe the direction of the British economy – “shrinkflation” (“shrinking inflation”), which means that the British economy has experienced inflation while shrinking, which is more dangerous than economic stagnation . Because of the sharp depreciation of the pound, its purchasing power has fallen, and imported products have become more expensive, so this will increase inflationary pressures.

Cui Hongjian

Director of European Institute of China Institute of International Studies

Whether the UK can control changes, realize reforms, and continue to promote healthy development in terms of globalization and multi-polarization is an urgent issue for the UK, including Europe. But their biggest dilemma now is that there is not enough time and space, and the conditions need to be created by themselves, and they cannot wait for others to give them.

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Qu Bing

Deputy Director of the Institute of European Studies, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations

After Brexit, there will definitely be an impact on the relationship between Europe and the United States and the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. The United States has always used the United Kingdom to contain France and Germany, or to contain the trend of European integration, but now the United States cannot rely on the United Kingdom to play a role in internal disruption. The United States has found a new starting point and began to use the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to get more involved in Europe.

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