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Thrown a bomb among the people at the funeral | Info

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Thrown a bomb among the people at the funeral |  Info

Horrific scenes were seen at a funeral in Germany when a man walked up and threw an unknown explosive object into the crowd.

Source: Profimedia

Several people were injured after an explosive device was thrown into a crowd of 500 people gathered for a funeral in the southwestern German town of Altbach on Friday. Police, the state Department of Criminal Investigation and the state attorney general’s office released details of the attack Friday night. According to the police, A 23-year-old man approached and threw an unknown object into the crowd. Five people were slightly injured and were treated in the hospital. Those present chased the suspect and beat him to such an extent that he was taken to the hospital.

Police received several emergency calls reporting an explosion, to which a large contingent of police, EMS and firefighters responded. At first there were two suspects, and in the evening an investigation began to determine whether others were involved in the incident or not.

The background of the attack is completely unknown. The police do not rule out a connection with a series of shootings in the same federal state of Baden-Württemberg, and the investigation has been taken over by the State Criminal Police Office. The 20-year-old man, at whose funeral the attack took place, died in a train accident last week, and the police ruled out the possibility of a criminal act.


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