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TIM Enterprise and Anci together for smart cities

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TIM Enterprise and Anci together for smart cities

The project designed for the Public Administration with the most advanced digital solutions to build smart cities stops in Rome

TIM Enterprise e ANCI presented the Smart City model today in Rome during theevent ‘Italy of smart and sustainable cities. Digital and implementation tools at the service of the local PA’. The objective was to illustrate the latest technological innovations and opportunities for urban and territorial contexts available to local administrations in Lazio: more livable, sustainable and safe urban spaces, thanks to new technologies also capable of enhancing the rich cultural heritage and artistic.

‘The Italy of smart and sustainable cities. Digital and implementation tools at the service of the local PA

The event, which took place in the Presidency room in the ANCI headquarters in Rome, saw the participation of Antonio Decaro, ANCI President and Mayor of Bari, Stefano Locatelli, Vice President ANCI, Dario Nardella, ANCI Coordinator of Metropolitan Cities and Mayor of Florence ed Elio SchiavoChief Enterprise and Innovative Solutions Officer of TIM, who illustrated the development prospects of the ‘cities of the future’, underlining TIM Enterprise’s focus in this rapidly growing sector.

The initiative aimed to demonstrate how innovation at the service of local PA can accelerate the development of sustainable and intelligent cities and the achievement of the objectives of the PNRR, highlight the impacts on the urban environment and on the lives of citizens of choices functional to the creation of a Smart City and provide evaluation tools that allow public administrators to make effective decisions.

According to the estimates of TIM Study CenterIn fact, by 2027 investments in ICT solutions for smart cities will grow to around 1.6 billion euros, while at a global level the total spending in Smart Cities will reach a value of over 1,000 billion dollars. In particular, in the period ’23-’27, Smart City applications based on 5G, IoT and Artificial Intelligence in Italy will contribute to reducing overall city traffic costs by approximately 6.5 billion euros and costs of over 400 million euros linked to urban pollution thanks to better planning of public and private transport and tourist flows. The new technologies will also allow an annual reduction of approximately 650 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions, directing the tourism industry and optimizing services for citizens.

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“Digitize – declares the president of the ANCI and mayor of Bari Antonio Decaroit means bridging the digital divide at the infrastructural level that characterizes our municipalities and on which we are working, also thanks to the PNRR funds and synergies with private partners such as TIM, but it means first of all improving the services and quality of life of the citizens, simplify and speed up local PA and contribute to the development and growth of cities. For municipalities and local authorities, the digital transition and investment in technology is the real challenge for the future. The path that ANCI shared with TIM aimed to provide Municipalities with the tools to allow public administrators to make effective decisions capable of generating value and opportunities for the territories. It is a journey that has not yet been completed and that we as ANCI will continue to support”.

“Smart Cities are at the center of our strategy and we offer local administrations our technologies and skills to design the cities of the future and achieve important objectives of economic development, cost control and more efficient processes – he has declared Elio Schiavo, Chief Enterprise & Innovative Solutions Officer di TIM -. We are convinced that in a few years we will witness a process of important transformation of cities because they will adopt innovative services that will improve dialogue with citizens, administrative processes, transport and safety. This is thanks to our innovative digital platforms that integrate Artificial Intelligence, IoT, cloud, cybersecurity, 5G and fiber connectivity, integrating the best proprietary technologies and contributions from startups, scaleups and the world of innovation. In all cities, technology will play a fundamental role in enhancing the cultural and artistic dimension of places, because the beauty and history of Italian cities can have a new life and new perspectives thanks to innovation”.

Participating in the meeting were, among others, Stefano Bigiotti, Vice President of ANCI Lazio and Mayor of Valentano, Federica Battafarano, Vice Mayor of Cerveteri and Coordinator of ANCI Giovani Lazio, Michela Pianetta, Vice President of ANCI Piedmont with responsibility for Innovation and Smart Cities , Sabina Strazzullo, National Institutional Affairs & Trade Associations of TIM and Francesco Meneghetti, CEO Mindicity.

After today’s stage, which follows those in Milan, Bari, Catania, Naples and Padua, the project will continue with other regional events throughout 2024.

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