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TIM, fine of 7.6 million euros for wild telemarketing

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TIM, fine of 7.6 million euros for wild telemarketing

Let’s go back to talking about wild telemarketing after reporting the first case of confiscation of databases that took place in Italy on the report of Privacy guarantor. In this case the Authority has adopted three corrective measures and sanctions towards TIM, Green Network and Sorgenia: The telephone operator has received the higher fine, equal to 7,631,175 euros, the two companies operating in the energy sector must instead pay 237,800 and 676,956 euros respectively.

The will of the Privacy Guarantor is to root out the problem, putting the client companies – in this case telcos and energy companies – in a position to check the correct functioning of the entire supply chain up to the signing of the contract. Along this journey proliferates what the Authority calls the undergrowth of illegal call centresa social plague to be eliminated for the good of operators and citizens.

The former monopolist was challenged a poor surveillance of abusive call centresan inadequacy in the support service”to requests to exercise the rights of data subjects” and the publication of personal data in public directories without ever having received consent from users.

Over time, the telco has taken important steps forward to stem these problems, however the Privacy Guarantor believes that more can and should be done to “the eradication of a real social scourge that damages correct operators and exasperates citizens, now to levels that are no longer acceptable“.

Green Network and Sorgenia, on the other hand, have not adopted suitable tools for trace operations of uploading the contractual proposals on their respective platforms and “for not having demonstrated the full knowledge of all the treatments carried out within the telemarketing chain“.

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