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To Nikola Jokić, scones left by Dejan Milojević | Sports

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To Nikola Jokić, scones left by Dejan Milojević |  Sports

Before, after and during the match, there is always laughter in America with Nikola Jokić. Even when the NBA Finals are playing.

Izvor: Youtbue/Arena sport TV/printscreen

Nikola Jokic is once again “ruined” Majami Hit! In the third match of the final NBA league, he managed to score 32 points with as many as 21 rebounds and 10 assists and thus brought his team a 2:1 lead in the series, and before the game Serbian journalists were interested in how he manages to score from all positions.

Journalist and commentator of “Arena Sport” as well as one of the two presenters of the MONDO podcast “Sixth Personal” Edin Avdic asked the Serbian center how he manages it? Many American journalists wrote that he simply hits from impossible positions.

Yes, those “cakes”, that was left over from Deki Milojević, and when I came here I did some shots with Ogi (Stojaković, ed.) so… How can I say it? I’m working on those shots, it’s not like I’m… Um… How can I say I’m not cursing? Not that I, er… If I, er… If I’m lucky!“, Jokić said, trying to find the nicest possible words to express himself, with a smile of course. Watch:

Nikola Jokić before the third match of the final
Source: YouTube/Arena sport

He thanked everyone who praises his game, but emphasized that he is not chasing statistics and does not have a set number of points he wants to achieve. Simply, he plays basketball in the best possible way.

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Thank you for the kind words, but I don’t have the idea that I will give as much as I gave or anything at the match. I try to play and use everything I can”, he pointed out in an interview for “TV Arena sport”. The next match of the final is also played in Miami, and is scheduled for the night between Friday and Saturday from 2:30 am.

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