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Tom Odell, breaking latest news of his concert in Barcelona (2024)

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Tom Odell, breaking latest news of his concert in Barcelona (2024)

There are few artists who manage to take you to their little universe from the first song, but Tom Odell He proved to be one of them at his concert in Barcelona. With nothing more than his voice, which was broken by all the feeling he gave off in each verse, and his ability to hit the keys of his piano and make it sound good, he hypnotized the entire Razzmatazz audience since his “Somebody Else”, without a band and in an intimate way, until his well-known “Another Love”.

With the setlist of his “The Black Friday Tour” made an ordinary Tuesday night become one of the best memories for all of us who witnessed how Tom Odell He opened up with each song and gave it his all. The British singer felt the complicity of his fans, who cheered him between songs, grateful to be experiencing that, and he responded to that energy by walking on a stage next to the audience, to fully feel that warm admiration, and getting up on his piano to contemplate a magical sold out.

Songs like “Magnetised”, “Can’t Pretend” or “Hold Me” gave respite from the sadness that usually characterizes Odell’s songs to lift spirits with songs that must be shouted at the top of their lungs, since for that have been created. Of course, the high point of the show was thanks to the song “Parties”, with which the artist walked around the stage, converting meters into millimeters of distance, dedicating to them the bridge that says several times “You’re the only reason” and thus returning the love that Barcelona gave to the singer.

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Without a doubt the proposal that Tom Odell brings with his tour is one of those events that one must witness, at least once in their life. The nostalgic atmosphere and affection embedded in that room was projected in how the audience shouted each chorus to the sound of Tom Odell, especially “Black Friday”, with which it was impossible to contain the tears. And sensitivity and passion are the two words that best define the artist and his way of expressing himself; and they are without a doubt the protagonists of this tour.

After a cathartic journey, Tom Odell He abandoned his piano to take up the guitar and give us an acoustic and sincere version of “End of the Summer” and “Answer Phone.” It should be noted that after an hour and a half watching Tom Odell make history, he ended that concert in the best possible way: playing “Another Love”, one of his most iconic anthems, which undoubtedly managed to close the night with a thousand people. letting their voice out and letting off steam in that kind of collective therapy.

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