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Too little salt is not good for health Magazine

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Too little salt is not good for health  Magazine

Even too little salt is not good for health. Here’s what the experts advise!

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Eating too much salt has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. And while the average American typically consumes 3.4 grams per day, we’re not trotting too far either. We like to add salt to any food, from salads to roasts and soups.

Otherwise, the recommended daily amount of salt in the diet is between 1.5 and 2.3 grams, which roughly represents one level teaspoon. On the other hand, as in everything a balance is needed, too little salt is not good for health. Researchers at Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, have found that too little sodium in the diet can put heart failure patients at greater risk.

“Our findings showed that restricting dietary sodium to less than the usual recommendation was counterproductive in the treatment of heart failure,” said Dr. Anirudh Palicherla, study author.

In total, nearly 3,500 heart failure patients were included in the study, which was presented at the World Congress of Cardiology. The scientists found that patients whose sodium intake fell below 2.5 grams per day were 80% more likely to die than those who consumed more, leading the researchers to believe that excessive restriction was not beneficial for these patients.

However, experts still adhere to a rational intake of salt. Rather, this study shows that the focus should be on establishing a safe level of sodium consumption rather than overly restricting sodium.

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