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– Totally incomprehensible – E24

Fellesforbundet leader Jørn Eggum believes the case of Stein Lier-Hansen’s hunting trips in Norwegian Industry is sad. – This is not how I know Stein, he says.

Fellesforbundet leader Jørn Eggum has been Stein Lier-Hansen’s negotiating partner for a number of years. Photo: Helge Mikalsen / VGPPublished: Published:

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– First we had Sindre, and now comes this. I have always had a good relationship with Stein as manager. And when we have been together, it has only been cheap dinners and dirty talk. Never anything lavish, says Jørn Eggum, head of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions.

E24 wrote on Thursday evening that long-time director Stein Lier-Hansen in Norsk Industri carried out lobbying work and hunted with friends and family on an area leased by the union for a number of years. Millions have been spent, and Norsk Industri’s guests from home and abroad were flown to the area by seaplane.

As head of the Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions, Eggum has for a number of years been Lier-Hansen’s negotiating partner in the wage settlement.

– I know well that Stein is a person who likes hunting and fishing. But the first thing I think is that this is completely impossible, says Eggum.

– If this is true, then it is just sad. This is totally incomprehensible, says Eggum.

Jørn Eggum, leader of the Federation (on the left) was long-time Norwegian Industry boss Stein Lier-Hansen’s counterpart in the front union settlement. Photo: Javad Parsa / VG / NTB

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Eggum says he has known that Lier-Hansen has had access to a hunting lodge, but that he himself has never been on such a trip.

– I knew they had been looking for Hardangervidda, but not this.

Lier-Hansen emphasizes to E24 that friends of his who have joined the area have covered hunting and transport themselves.

Over two million on hunting and flying

The agreement Norsk Industri paid for involved hunting rights and a small cabin on Hardangervidda.

According to Lier Hansen, the agreement was concluded in 2015. Norsk Industri says the rent of the hunting area has cost over one million kroner. In addition, the association has covered seaplane transport for a total of NOK 1.3 million between 2019 and 2023.

Chairman Ståle Kyllingstad tells E24 that the current board was not aware of the agreement, and that he asked to have it stopped immediately when it became known to the board in autumn 2023.

Lier-Hansen tells E24 that he believes the use of the area was “completely within”, and that the administration in Norsk Industri was aware of the lease agreement.

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Norwegian industry spent millions on hunting and seaplanes

New employer: Not a problem

– It’s not exactly a hunting castle there, is Bellona boss Frederic Hauge’s first reaction.

After resigning as director of Norsk Industri, the most powerful national association in the employers’ organization NHO, Lier-Hansen got a new job in the environmental foundation Bellona.

That makes Hauge Lier-Hansen’s current boss.

– Nothing illegal has been done here. Stein works with competence and network building in Bellona, ​​and he is very good at that, says Hauge.

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Bellona manager Frederic Hauge is happy to have hired Stein Lier-Hansen for a job at Bellona. Photo: Helge Mikalsen / VG

– When I see pictures of that cabin there, I think that those who have gone up there have really benefited from it. They have probably become more fond of nature, he says.

– At least it is not a problem for Bellona that he has done this. Stein has not done anything that affects his ability to work for us. We are incredibly grateful that he works for us, says Hauge.

– Have you yourself taken part or been asked to take part in such a trip?

– No, I haven’t been there. I have not been on a hunting trip with Stein.

– What do you think about spending money?

– Norwegian Industry must answer that. We don’t spend money that way, we don’t have the opportunity to.

Left in December

On 1 December 2023, Lier-Hansen announced that he was stepping down as director of Norsk Industri.

He had then been managing director since 2006. Prior to this, he was chief executive of Prosessindustriens Landsforening, which in 2006 was merged with Technology Companies’ Landsforening to form Norsk Industri.

Stein Lier-Hansen previously headed the NHO association Norsk Industri. He now works as a special advisor in Bellona. Photo: Helge Mikalsen / VG

As Norwegian Industry Leader, Lier-Hansen was central to the wage settlement, spearheading the employers’ side in the front-line trade settlement. Here the parties meet to negotiate about the competitive industry, and the result lays the foundation for the other settlements.

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