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“Tough times are coming,” says Díaz-Canel… “Even more so?” one might ask.

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“Tough times are coming,” says Díaz-Canel… “Even more so?” one might ask.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel warns of even tougher times ahead amidst ongoing economic hardships and protests in the country. Despite facing 18-hour blackouts, food shortages, and low salaries, the president believes that challenges are still to come. This statement was made during a visit to Songo La Maya, a municipality in Santiago de Cuba, following recent protests in the region.

The ongoing blackouts in Santiago de Cuba have contributed to the unrest, with residents voicing their frustrations. During his visit, a young man highlighted the temporary improvements made to the area just before the president’s arrival, prompting questions about the authenticity of such actions.

While Díaz-Canel acknowledges the difficulties faced by the Cuban population, he continues to emphasize the need for hard work to overcome these challenges. However, the president’s promises of progress have yet to materialize, with the country facing worsening conditions in various sectors, including housing, tourism, and food production.

Despite the government citing the US blockade as a major obstacle to development, internal issues such as inefficient policies and economic mismanagement have also contributed to the current crisis. With essential goods becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, many Cubans continue to struggle to meet their basic needs.

As the country grapples with ongoing hardships, the lack of tangible solutions from the government has left many questioning the effectiveness of repeated promises of improvement. With living conditions deteriorating and basic necessities in short supply, Cuban citizens face uncertain and challenging times ahead, with little relief in sight.

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