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Transcripts from the Victor Pițurcă file

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Transcripts from the Victor Pițurcă file

In the last few days, a lot has been discussed and written about the file in which the former selector, Victor Pițurcă, and his son, Alexandru Pițurcă, are accused by the DNA prosecutors. The two, together with ROMARM’s general director, Gabriel Țuțu, spent one night in custody, currently being under judicial control.

Romania Tv and Spy News have now also presented a series of transcripts of some discussions between those involved in the case, which show how the money from the business with non-compliant masks that took place during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic was divided.

Transcripts from Victor Pițurcă’s file:

GABRIEL ȚUȚU: I forgot to ask you the name of the company (emoticon)




NEACțU IONEL: With love

NEACCU IONEL: Measure you sent me, it applies and it doesn’t apply

GABRIEL ȚUțU: Well, it is mandatory

GABRIEL ȚUȚU: Especially if the beneficiary is a state institution

NEACțU IONEL: Maybe just like that..

GABRIEL ȚUȚU: We are going with the contract with Mapn and it is certainly applied

NEACțU IONEL: In private… not really

GABRIEL ȚUȚU: Yeah… I don’t know what to say. Theoretically, the difference should not be made because they are all antivirus products

NEACțU IONEL: I have now received the confirmation. If it’s about the state, it applies

NEACțU IONEL: (emoticon)

GABRIEL ȚUȚU: So there is no need for an additional clause (emoticon)

GABRIEL ȚUȚU: The investor’s lawyer will contact you to send you the draft contract

NEACțU IONEL: Ok. Tomorrow starting at 09:00. With TAF


NEACțU IONEL: (emoticon)

NEACțU IONEL: (emoticon)

NEACțU IONEL: After we close the deal, I want to get to know each other

NEACțU IONEL: Well, we will meet before

Source: SpyNews

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Another conversation, this time with Hudea Andrei Alexandru, captures the way in which he and the head of Romarm negotiated the sums of money that were to end up in the accounts after the conclusion of the contract with MApN.

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 1:51 p.m. Let Pițurcă take 500k from the profit.

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 13:51: And I share 250K with him.

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 13:52: And after a few days…

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 1:52 p.m.: Gabi: Brings the goods through Interarms.

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 13:52: We have to give it to him too.

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 13:52: Shall we divide by 3?


HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 13:52: These were the discussions.

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 13:53: I dropped from Pițurcă’s 500,000 to 390K

Suspect BR, 13:55: I don’t know your discussions, I’m sorry it wasn’t discussed clearly from the beginning.

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 1:55 p.m.: I discussed it.

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 13:56: I was told that everything is OK

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 2:04 p.m.: Plus… If I had known about today’s discussions, I would have taken the 110,000 from Pițurcă and you would share 2,150,000

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 14:05: This is how I lost 20,000

HUDEA ANDREI – ALEXANDRU, 2:05 p.m.: Instead of 110K, we divide by 3,270K… and 90K comes back

Source: Romania TV

According to a conversation dated April 21, 2020 with Neacșu Ionel, the head of Romarm is interested in the state of operations.

GABRIEL ȚUȚU, 16:23: Did you sign?

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GABRIEL ȚUȚU, 5:58 p.m.: Send a copy of the contract for the investor to have as well. thank you Take some pictures.

GABRIEL ȚUȚU, 19:46: I greet you. you forgot about me (emoticon)

Witness from the M.Ap.n. DP, 19:47: No. On Mondays we make the openings and then, until the 13th, maximum 15th, I solve.

GABRIEL ȚUȚU, 19:49: Great. Thank you. I’m waiting.

Source: Romania TV

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