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Trump called Biden the worst president in history to give himself A+

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[Trump said that Biden is the worst president in history, giving himself A+]In an interview recently, Trump scored the Biden administration and gave him the worst.

Former U.S. President Trump, who had never humbled himself to give himself A+, gave Biden an “F” score… In an interview with Fox News, host Jenning Pirro asked Trump to give a score to the Biden administration Trump bluntly said: “He may be the worst president in history. I used to think it was Jimmy Carter. I don’t like Bush Jr. who dragged us into the Middle East, but I think the Biden administration is the worst in American history. Government.”

After being questioned by the anchor, Trump finally gave Biden an “F” score. But he also said: “I hope Biden will do well, because I love this country more than everything, but I don’t think it is more embarrassing than this administration.”

(Original title: Trump called Biden the worst president in history)

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