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Trump speech: “The crime I committed? Defending America”

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Trump speech: “The crime I committed? Defending America”

MAR-A-LAGO (FLORIDA). Donald Trump has definitively thrown off the mask. If anyone expected moderation from the tycoon and a step back after being officially indicted by the Court of Manhattan before which he will have to answer for 34 charges starting next December, last night listening to him in the hall of his club in Mar-a-Lago one was however, confirmation to the contrary was received. Trump’s speech – brief – was all attack, filled with old accusations, fake news, personal attacks against the prosecutor Alvin Bragg, the judge Juan Merchan, his family and the daughter who collaborates to say about him with Kamala Harris . A good sample – noted Andrew McCabe, former regent of the FBI – for rancorous rallies and to warm up the crowd, rather than for the stuccos, chandeliers and luxury of his Palm Beach resort.

Trump arrived on the podium after greeting friends, family guests to the tune of the patriotic God Bless America, while then the people crammed into the hall exploded in a chorus chanting Usa several times.

The tycoon appeared tired, tried and the speech full of claims and anger was proof of this. Not a flicker, not a novelty. We don’t know what the lawyers had advised him, but we do know that the judge had invited the former president to moderate his tone and language so as not to favor explosions of violence among his supporters. A warning given in light of the posts on Truth in which Donald last week had spoken of “death and destruction” if indicted.

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Outside the entrance to Mar-a-Lago, a small crowd had gathered, nothing to do with other meetings or rallies. Lots of flags, cars adorned with Trump 2024 banners and gadgets and bright red colors of MAGA (Make America Great Again). Carousels with horns and roaring pick-ups more for celebrations of a Scudetto than for politics. But Trump is a hero and martyr for part of America, idolized as a sports star. At 8, just before Trump began speaking, however, fewer than 50 people were in front of the residence.

Trump on trial for conspiracy and for having paid the silence of two women: “Surreal charges, justice ends here today”

Francesco Semprini

Inside, however, the Trumpian Epiphany with the faithful peeling their hands for the applause. There were Marjorie Taylor Green, Congresswoman from Georgia, who traveled with the tycoon from New York; Kari Lake, a former Republican candidate for governor in Arizona who is running an unusual campaign in Iowa; Roger Stone, entrepreneurs from the Trumpian galaxy; son Eric with wife Lara; Donald Jr. His wife Melania, who also accompanied him to Manhattan, and her daughter Ivanka did not see each other.

“I never thought that something like this could happen in America”, the debut of Donald who claimed that “the only crime I have committed was to fearlessly defend our nation from those who want to destroy it”. And it is not a reference to external dangers but to those who in the Trumpian world are considered tools to cripple him politically. Like Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor who according to Trump chased him “well before he knew things about me” and “who is paid by Soros”. A CNN fact check debunks the accusation.

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Judge Juan Merchan “is an anti-Trump judge, has an anti-Trump wife and a daughter who worked for Kamala Harris and now receives money from the Biden-Harris campaign.” Sons Eric and Donald shared links on social media Tuesday morning denouncing this “closeness” and accused Judge Merchan of having been “chosen” to protect the interests of Democrats.

Trump has almost reviewed the other judicial cases, the one in Georgia “is a false case to interfere in the 2024 election and should be dismissed”. The phone call with which he asked the secretary of state for almost 12,000 votes to overturn the outcome of the 2020 vote, he defined as “perfect”.

The people of Mar-a-Lago: “No one touches The Donald”

by our correspondent ALBERTO SIMONI

Special prosecutor Jack Smith, who investigates the classified papers unearthed in Mar-a-Lago (as well as on January 6) is “crazy and lunatic”, the management of documents was correct, transparent and his “team adapted promptly upon requests from the Department of Justice.” All those who are investigating it are nothing but “tools of the radical left to stop it at all costs”, and it is now that there is “massive interference in the elections, never seen on this scale”.

Biden also remained under fire from a Trump who was not taken for granted in his defense: “He wants World War III”, he said, emphasizing that “when he was a senator he combined all kinds of things, but no one arrested him”.

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