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Tunisia, new government launched after two and a half months of stalemate

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TUNIS – After two and a half months, Tunisia has a new government: the presidency of the African country announces it in a note. “The President of the Republic has promulgated a decree by which the head of the government and its members are appointed”, reads the statement. On July 25, the president Kais Saied it has in fact assumed full powers by opening an institutional crisis.

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Out of a total of 24 ministers, 8 are women in the new government presented today by the first premier in the history of Tunisia, Najla Boude. As reported by the site of Digital Tunisia, at the head of the Minister of Justice there Najla Jaffel, while the Minister of Defense is Imed Memich. Unchanged the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad, Othamen Jerandi, while a woman was chosen as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Aida Hamdi. A woman will also be head of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Sarah Zaafrani, and at the helm of that of Industry, Neil Nouira Gandri.

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The new government said it had the goal of “restoring people’s trust”. This was stated by the premier immediately after the announcement of the composition of the executive. “We must restore the confidence of citizens in the Tunisian state and of foreign countries in our country. Fighting corruption, which is getting worse and worse, to restore hope for a better future to Tunisians,” he said.

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Presenting his program, Bouden highlighted that “competence and experience” will be the keys to achieving these goals and improving the effectiveness of the work of public institutions. The premier also announced that “great importance” will be given to relaunching the economy and improving the living conditions of citizens and their purchasing power. “This government will work for the good of the country and the people and will be open to all parties.”

“We are experiencing difficult historical moments, but we will make it”, said Tunisian President Saied after the oath of the ministers of the new government, expressing his appreciation for the progress made in the fight against the pandemic. Saied said that “the Tunisian premier has taken on a great responsibility in these circumstances”.

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