Home World Tunisia, wins the yes in the referendum but the turnout is at its lowest. The opposition: illegitimate vote

Tunisia, wins the yes in the referendum but the turnout is at its lowest. The opposition: illegitimate vote

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Tunisia, wins the yes in the referendum but the turnout is at its lowest.  The opposition: illegitimate vote

Tunisian President Kais Saied is preparing to collect the victory of the “yes” in the constitutional referendum that would broaden his powers, unleashing the ire of the opposition and the accusations of an autocratic shift in his mandate. According to an exit poll released already on the morning of July 26 by Sigma Conseil, the votes in favor of the consultation proposed by Saied himself traveled over 90% of the total.

The downside is a turnout of just 27.54%, the result of the boycott by opposition parties against any participation in the polls. However, Said defended the result, speaking of a “new phase” for Tunis and already announcing a first measure: the draft of an electoral law that would change the “format of the old elections”. Now, Saied added, “we can no longer go back and we cannot in any way do without women’s rights or renounce the right to education and health.”

The opposition challenges the legitimacy of the referendum

Saied defends the vote that emerged from the polls, calling it an “expression of the will of the majority” and rejecting criticism of the low turnout. “Those who chose to boycott made a free choice, but he could have participated and voted no,” she said. For Saied there are no fears of a return to an authoritarian system since “there is no turning back and the legitimacy of the president is given by the people”. The opposition is on a war footing and threatens battle against the president’s authoritarian drifts, starting with the legitimacy of the referendum. The National Salvation Front, made up of 5 parties, including the Islamic Ennhadha, and 5 associations, called the results of the referendum “a fiasco and the entire voting process a play”.

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The coalition underlines in a public note that 75% of Tunisian voters did not participate in the vote “thus refusing to approve a despotic constitution”. The Front criticized the figures released last night by the Independent Higher Authority for Elections (ISIE) as unrealistic. “Figures far from those observed by observers, which cast doubt on the independence of the Commission”, they write. «Faced with this serious failure», the coalition calls for Saïed’s resignation and the organization of presidential and early legislative elections.

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For the members of the coalition the only valid constitution remains that of 2014 and the head of state, according to the law, is accused of “violation of office and tampering”. Even Abir Moussi of the conservative party of the Free Desturians (PDL) of Abir Moussi immediately after the announcement of the exit polls that give the “yes” to over 90%, said: “The process is fraudulent. It doesn’t matter if the Constitution was rejected or adopted, if the participation rate is 70%, 200% or 4000%. The process is fraudulent, illegal and illegitimate. We do not recognize it and we do not adhere to it ».

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