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Turkey, failed attack on Erdogan: a bomb under the escort’s car

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“They wanted to bring chaos.” This is the first comment from the ruling AKP party in Turkey, after a charge of explosives placed under a car of President Recep Erdogan’s escort was discovered in the city of Sirte, where rallies were scheduled today.

The episode was commented by the deputy secretary of Erdogan’s Akp party, Hamza Dag, who told CNN Turk that it was “an attempt at sabotage”, designed to “hit a peaceful environment and bring chaos to the country” . The discovery of the explosive was made by two policemen just before the motorcade left with the Turkish leader, however it is difficult to say that the explosive could have hit Erdogan directly, considering that the charge was placed under one of the police cars. accompanying the presidential escort. The bomb squad immediately intervened on the spot, before the forensics intervened to collect the fingerprints.


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