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TV star makes an embarrassing appearance in front of everyone in a Munich club

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TV star makes an embarrassing appearance in front of everyone in a Munich club
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    This will probably have consequences: his father, of all people, ensured that a TV star made an embarrassing appearance in front of everyone in a Munich club.

    Munich – A jazz club in München was the scene of embarrassing moments that a TV star won’t soon forget. We’re talking about Max von Thun (47), a real all-rounder: he’s an actor, presenter, author, musician and was also a DSDS juror for a brief moment. New in his CV: “Do you understand fun?”-Prank victim.

    Max von Thun falls victim to “Do you understand fun?” in Munich

    For the show next Saturday (April 20th), the ARD show team tricked him badly. And of all people, his father, acting legend Friedrich von Thun (81), was in cahoots as a decoy. Unfortunately, many details about the loading were not communicated in advance – unlike Sylvie Meis, who had a rude awakening after a hotel selfie. However, only a few photos of the action with Max von Thun were published in advance – and a description of the scenario.

    Max von Thun on stage. © SWR/Kimmig Entertainment

    Accordingly, he becomes a Ballermann singer against his will: The TV star has an appointment with his father Friedrich von Thun in a Munich jazz club. The two actually want to spend a relaxing evening together with good live music. A relaxed father-son meeting. But things turn out completely differently for Max von Thun.

    Max von Thun performs his old Ballermann Schlager song in Munich

    With the help of a fictitious old acquaintance, now supposedly a successful music manager, he actually manages to lure Max von Thun onto the stage. At first he improvises with the band and is clearly in his element. Then his past catches up with him. Because according to the advance notice, he is suddenly confronted with a musical sin of his youth. It’s about a Ballermann hit he composed that suddenly comes out of the speakers. The cliffhanger from the “Do you understand fun?” advance announcement: “Malle-Max is trapped. But he has to ‘rock’ this extremely embarrassing number willy-nilly…”

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    Max von Thun (center) was lured into a trap by dad Friedrich (right). © SWR / Kimmig Entertainment

    It’s a pretty shallow song that von Thun once wrote for a film. He probably didn’t expect that he would be reminded of it at that exact moment. The audience in front of whom he has to perform the piece willy-nilly enjoys it. However, he himself is quite embarrassed. He probably still had a bone to pick with his dad, who lured him into this trap. Did you know that Thomas Gottschalk once appeared on “Do you understand fun”? was also tricked in a rather bizarre way? Sources used: Press material “Do you understand fun?”

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