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Twelve rafters detained in Cancún: some managed to escape

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Twelve rafters detained in Cancún: some managed to escape

Twelve Cuban Rafters Detained in Cancun, Mexico

In the early hours of November 27, twelve Cuban rafters were detained upon their arrival in a hotel area in Cancun, Mexico. The events took place around 3:30 in the morning on Gaviotas beach, located at kilometer 9.5 of Kukulcán boulevard. According to Noticaribe, police officers discovered a smaller boat stranded on the beach, with approximately 20 individuals running towards the exit.

The authorities managed to arrest 12 people, eight men and four women, while eight others reportedly managed to flee. The detained individuals were confirmed to be of Cuban nationality and were found to be in good health. Subsequently, they were made available to the National Migration Institute (INM) for legal procedures.

The incident sheds light on the emigration of Cubans to the United States. The Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported that in October 2023, 18,083 Cubans entered the United States through its borders. Additionally, 12,495 Cubans entered at the southern border with Mexico, and 28 did so at the northern border with Canada. More than 5,000 migrants attempted to reach the U.S. by sea.

In response to the influx of Cuban migrants, the United States Coast Guard has issued a warning about the consequences of illegal entry by sea. They stated that anyone attempting to arrive illegally by sea will not be allowed to remain in the country and will be subject to deportation. Further consequences include being banned from entering the U.S. for five years and the possibility of being tried for illegal reentry.

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Moreover, the Coast Guard has emphasized that migrants attempting to arrive illegally in the U.S. by sea will be indefinitely disqualified from humanitarian parole, which benefits Cubans and Haitians as of January 2023.

The detention of the Cuban rafters in Cancun and the broader issue of Cuban migration to the U.S. highlight the ongoing challenges and consequences faced by those seeking to enter the country illegally.

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