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Typhoon “Olu” landed in Vietnam, killing 3 and injuring 62 – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Original title: Typhoon “Olu” landed in Vietnam, causing 3 deaths and 62 injuries

According to the Vietnam National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention on the 30th, typhoon “Olu” has killed 3 people, injured 62 people in Vietnam, and 3 people are missing.

“Aolu” weakened into a tropical depression after making landfall in Quang Nam Province in central Vietnam on the 28th, bringing strong winds and heavy rain, and causing floods and landslides in many places. In the central Nghe An province, landslides and floods caused by the “Olu” killed three people and left three missing, and injured 62 people in the provinces of Quang Nam, Tran Thien-Hue and Quang Tri.

In addition, “Olu” also damaged 3,364 houses, 77 schools and many roads, and killed more than 1,700 livestock and 20,000 poultry. Affected by the typhoon, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam closed 10 airports.

According to data released by the General Administration of Statistics of Vietnam on the 29th, in the first three quarters of this year, natural disasters have caused 134 deaths and disappearances across Vietnam, causing losses of about VND 6,617 billion (about 1.972 billion yuan), 4.9 times that of the same period last year.

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